A Polyamory Advocate Used a Pastor’s Words Against Him – It Didn’t End Well…for the Pastor!

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polyamoryIn case you didn’t know, there is an effort to redefine marriage. One of the most deceptive and false narratives in this effort is that the redefinition will stop with homosexuals and same-sex “marriage.” For several years now many of us have been issuing constant warnings that if marriage is redefined for homosexuals it will have to be redefined for any other group, person, or group of people that want to be “married.”

My typical warning goes something like this: If the government redefines marriage to include same-sex “marriage” it will have to continue redefining marriage to include polygamy, polyamory, pedophilia, incest, and bestiality. There will be no logical, moral, or political reason not to continue redefining marriage. If the government does not continue to redefine marriage for these groups it will be guilty of the same “discrimination” it now accuses traditional marriage supporters of.

Professing Christians that attempt to “love” their neighbor by supporting their sin and advocating for marriage redefinition will, in the end, either limit their support to homosexuals – thereby becoming guilty of the same “discrimination” they now accuse traditional marriage supporters of, or, endorse any and all forms of “marriage”; including polygamy, polyamory, et. al.

If these Christians that now support redefining marriage for homosexuals end their support of marriage redefinition there, they will have a hard time explaining their position using Scripture; or logic. The reality that many will broaden their support to include polygamy and polyamory is an easy conclusion given their existing ability to twist and stretch Scripture to support same-sex “marriage.”

A good example of this can be seen in a recent interview of Pastor Danny Cortez. Cortez’ church was dismissed from the Southern Baptist Convention in 2014 for coming out in support of same-sex “marriage.” That revelation was preceded by the announcement that Cortez’ son is gay. Cortez has famously, perhaps infamously, advocated for a “third way” when it comes to homosexuality and the Bible.

But, a recent interview revealed the truly slippery slope that any compromise on Scripture’s position regarding sexuality truly is. In the interview, the host, a man that self-identifies as a “southerner, queer, and Christian” pressed Cortez on his position. The host, Jeff Hood, used Cortez’ own words against him in his defense of polyamory. In other words, a defense for polyamory was given using the very same arguments used by Cortez for supporting same-sex “marriage.” Part of the conversation went like this:

Hood: Would you bring all three parents or four parents up during a baby dedication or any other special church service?

Cortez: I have no desire to police the relationships of our people.

H: I am not interested in condemning love. If people have learned to love each other and not do violence to each other, I just want to let them be. I love my neighbor as my self by letting them be.

C: I don’t think that scripture gives a robust position on this topic.

H: I don’t think that scripture gives any position on this topic.

What makes this so ironic is that Hood started the conversation by asking Cortez if he thought the Bible could be used in any way to support polyamory. Cortez answered: “I don’t see polyamory spoken of positively at all in scripture. When polyamory is mentioned, it is not approved or valued.”

Umm…couldn’t we say the same thing about homosexual behavior and same-sex “marriage”? Can any place in the Bible be found speaking highly, favorably, or valuing homosexual behavior or same-sex “marriage”? I’ve looked, many times, and all I see is calls for repentance and condemnation as sin. So how can a supposedly educated man attempt to use the Bible to support same-sex “marriage” but say the bible has no room for polyamory?

That seems to be the point Jeff Hood was making. The lack of logic and poor exegesis of the Bible that allows a person to support homosexual behavior and same-sex “marriage” also leaves that person completely unable to refuse supporting other forms of sexuality: polyamory, polygamy, etc.

If you can conclude, somehow, that the Bible is okay with homosexual behavior and same-sex “marriage,” you have absolutely no right or ability to refuse to accept and support polyamory, polygamy, or just about any other sexual orientation. This point was made so clear to Cortez that he began backtracking on some of his statements.

The bottom line is that you can’t expect to twist Scripture for your own agenda or opinion and expect to be safe from ideological attacks. If you are willing to compromise in one area, or on one particular topic, you will undoubtedly be left vulnerable and needing to “explain” your lack of consistency.

Biblically based theology that is consistent is a crucial need in a culture that is based solely on opinions, agenda’s, and prevailing winds. We don’t need more Danny Cortez’s fumbling their theology, we need more clear, articulate, defenders of truth that stand on Scripture regardless of its popularity with the culture. Sure, it may not be cool. But I’d rather be right in God’s eyes than cool in anyone else’s.

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