How to Protect Your Church: Supreme Court Marriage Ruling Could Mean Trouble for Marriage

Posted on June 8, 2015 in Marriage, Public Policy by

Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court is preparing to rule on the issue of marriage. Potentially the court could decide that same-sex “marriage” is to be recognized across the nation regardless of state laws – effectively overriding current state laws. If this occurs one area that everyone will be watching to see how it is affected is the church.

Will the court ruling, if unfavorable, demand that churches recognize same-sex “marriage”? Will the ruling demand that pastors perform same-sex weddings against their religious convictions? Those questions are left unanswered at this time but many are taking proactive steps to protect their ministry.

Citizenlink has put together a short video with some information pastors and churches will find valuable in preparing for whatever ruling is handed down. In conjunction with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Citizenlink is sharing resources designed to protect churches and pastors in the event of a lawsuit. I highly recommend that this information be shared with any pastor or church leader now, don’t wait.

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