Did You Know Abstinence Is The Best Way to Avoid STD’s?

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common senseCommon sense would dictate that the best way to avoid things like pregnancy and STD’s is abstinence. After all, if you are not having sex, it would be hard to get pregnant or get a disease transmitted by having sex. Right?

Well, for a number of years the current administration has been trying to convince us that abstinence is one option, but it’s not the best. They want us to consider condoms, and birth control as some of the best ways to avoid these issues.

It’s hard to take seriously anyone that argues condoms over abstinence as a more effective preventative against STD’s. But finally some common sense has kicked in and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has made a two-word change that makes all the difference.

As reported by LifeNews:

“In its 2015 ‘Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines,’ a two-word change made all the difference. Five years ago, the CDC used to say abstinence and monogamy were ‘a reliable way to avoid disease.’ As of last Friday, the agency agrees it’s ‘the most reliable way.’ That may not seem like a radical edit to most people, but in this administration, moral purity is as foreign a concept as political transparency.”

There you have it, folks.

What you always suspected was the right answer was, in fact, the right answer. If you want to avoid pregnancy and STD’s, “the most” reliable way to do that is to be abstinent.

You always had a funny feeling that abstinence was the answer. You reasoned with yourself that if you didn’t have sex it would be really hard to get pregnant. And, if you weren’t sleeping around with people it would make it hard to get an STD. Well, now you can rest easy knowing that our government has confirmed your suspicions. Abstinence is the most reliable way to avoid these occurrences.

Good job at having some common sense. Give yourself a pat on the back and return to whatever it was you were doing.

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