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ultrasound4d65Interviews are a dime a dozen. They happen every day, multiple times a day. If you’re like me you often wonder why you are wasting your time listening to what seems to be a pointless interview. This interview, however, is very different. This interview is unlike anything you’ve every seen because this interview is with an unborn child.

The video below is titled “Interview with an Unborn Child.” LifeNews reported on this amazing video recently. In their report they give a brief synopsis of the video’s content.

“The creators of this very brief video (4:16) know that abortion is a sensitive topic and even many pro-lifers find brutally honest pictures of aborted babies very unsettlingly. So they immediately tell the viewer, ‘The film contains NO shocking images.’ And it doesn’t! Instead the narrator (the unborn child) ever-so-quietly reduces you to tears in about 60 seconds in. Why? How? Partly it is because the refrain ‘not even my mother’ is the narrative thread that binds the video together–that and the expressions of deep, deep pain etched on his mother’s face. The music is perfectly haunting. We understand immediately that this child is utterly alone and completely helpless.”

Take a few moments to watch the video and share it. This powerful message could change someone’s life.

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