Why Is No One Celebrating Rachel Dolezal’s Trans-Racialism?

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Rachel DolezalI find the story of Rachel Dolezal very interesting. What I find most interesting is that none of the liberal media or politicians are coming to her aid. As she is scrutinized and criticized for pretending to be black when, in fact, she is white, no one is jumping to her defense and championing her cause of “trans-racialism.”

The story seems to have broken as a result of an image Dolezal posted to her Facebook page of a black man she claimed was her father. Her white family took exception to the photo and called her out. Next thing you know we’re all learning that this “black” NAACP chapter president is actually a white girl pretending.

So the usual media circus ensued as Dolezal tried to explain her reasons for lying about her racial identity. The next thing you know, she’s resigning as president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP amidst much protesting for her dishonesty. What I find interesting about the whole situation is that no one really came to her defense.

There doesn’t really seem to be a strong vocal proponent of “trans-racialism” even though our society seems bent on encouraging all sorts of alternate reality lifestyles. After all, if someone can be trans-gender, why can’t they be trans-racial? Of course Dolezal’s family finds the whole thing curious, if not disturbing. Her mother recently said in an interview:

“I don’t see any honest way that a person can describe themselves as transracial because your ethnicity comes from your genetic code and what’s handed down to you by your parents, your real biological parents. And I think the healthy path to take on this kind of discussion is to find a way to embrace and celebrate who you are — or who you really are.”

That seems like a common sense statement. Then again, common sense is not so common these days. The same statement could be applied to trans-gender people. However, while no one seems to argue applying this statement to people claiming to be “trans-racial,” I don’t see anyone lining up to offer these common sense words to Bruce Jenner.

But why?

Why is it okay for a man (or woman) to claim to be the opposite sex, endure hormone therapy, sex-change surgeries, and live as the opposite gender; but it’s not okay for someone to do the same regarding race? What exactly is the difference between claiming to be a woman trapped in a man’s body and claiming to be a black person trapped in a white body?

Rachel Dolezal’s mother said “your ethnicity comes from your genetic code and what’s handed down to you by your parents.” Can’t we say the same thing about gender? Isn’t gender determined by genetics before birth? How is it honest, intellectually or otherwise, to claim to be the opposite gender despite biology?

Then again, if a person can claim to be a woman trapped in a man’s body and we’re all supposed to celebrate and laud such a person; how dare we refuse to celebrate the black person trapped in a white body that decides – quite bravely – to “come out.” Aren’t we being the worst kind of hypocrite for our refusal to celebrate every kind of trans-person?

Let me ask this question: why can’t a person be trans-racial?

Someone might argue that a person’s skin color is fixed by genetics and can’t be altered so therefore they are whatever race they are born. But can’t the same be argued regarding gender? A person’s gender is fixed at birth and regardless of what measures he/she goes to, gender cannot be changed. Sure, the outward appearance can be changed. But a man seeking to be a woman cannot carry an unborn child to term and give birth. That man cannot create a monthly menstrual cycle. That man cannot get rid of his Adam’s apple or rewire his brain and emotions to reflect the inherent differences between men and women.

Someone might argue that it’s offensive to black people to pretend to be black when you’re white. Okay, but isn’t it offensive to women to pretend to be a woman when you’re a man? Isn’t it offensive to mothers to pretend to be woman when you’ve never given birth to a child? Isn’t’ it offensive to the parents that gave you life and raised you to be a strong man/woman to now decide you are another gender?

This whole incident with Rachel Dolezal has revealed the utter hypocrisy of our society. As long as our decisions align with a political agenda, such as being trans-gender, they are celebrated and put all over magazines and television and called historic. But if our decisions are outside the prevailing political agenda they are marginalized and criticized and our mental health is questioned. As if a man claiming to be a woman is not a mental health concern.

I might disagree with a political agenda, but I can at least respect it when it’s consistent. There’s nothing to respect here because the same people that celebrated Bruce Jenner are nowhere to be found in defense of Rachel Dolezal. Apparently she serves them no purpose and gains them no votes.

This is the inevitable hypocrisy that comes from a culture where biological truth is ignored in favor of mental perception. The perception of one is celebrated while the perception of another is marginalized. What is most disturbing however, is that in either case truth is ignored. The truth is, we are born with a genetic code for both our gender and our race. Rather than trying to be something we’re not, we would do better to embrace our God-given genetic makeup and celebrate who we were made to be.

Watch the interview with Dolezal’s parents below. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

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