Why Do Christians Accept Ideas That Are Unbiblical?

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Founding FathersAt one time our Founders sought refuge from government persecution for their religious convictions. They left their homes to establish a place where people could freely live out their faith in every aspect of their life. What is happening today is a return to that same government persecution that our Founders desperately wanted to leave behind.

One area this seems most apparent is in the effort to force Christians to accept homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” Sure, there may have been a goal of simply seeing this lifestyle legitimized and legalized; but that appears now to have been a precursor for the larger goal of forcing every person to accept and celebrate it. But there can now be no doubt that seeking simple “equality” is a long forgotten idea. And the rhetoric we were fed that “no one would be affected” was nothing more than a well-rehearsed talking point in a carefully crafted campaign.

A statement in an article from a couple months ago echoes what, I believe, many Americans are thinking:

“How often did we hear from secularists that gay “marriage” would not impact anyone other than the couples who sought such a union? They assured Christians not to be concerned about the conduct of consenting adults and essentially to mind their own business. Despite these assurances from gay activists and their sympathizers that they merely sought acceptance in society, many pro-gay advocates now want to force Christians to embrace homosexual behavior.”

Of course the words “religious persecution” are never used. In their place are much more benign words intended to cover up the true nature of what is taking place. But the fact that religious persecution now exists in America can hardly be denied. Christian organizations are being told to support abortion through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Christian business owners are being told to violate their religious convictions in order to stay open for business. And Christian companies are being told to amend their hiring practices to include those that disagree with their statement of faith.

What I don’t see is LGBT organizations being told to hire people that disagree with their fundamental beliefs. I don’t see atheist groups being told to violate their deeply held convictions. And so far no one has told pro-abortion groups to fund abstinence education. It seems the only people being told to violate their conscience, morals, and convictions are people of faith.

Sadly, it seems the effort to mainstream ideas that are unbiblical, or anti-biblical is working. A recent article reports the results of the latest Gallup survey tracking Americans’ view toward certain moral behaviors. The article suggests that more Americans are accepting behaviors that the Bible clearly calls wrong. For example:

68% view sex between an unmarried man and woman favorably.

63% support gay or lesbian relations.

61% support having a baby outside of marriage.

Other areas where support has risen include doctor assisted suicide, pornography, and polygamy.

What is the lesson to be learned here?

The constant battle for the hearts and minds of the American people is resulting in a country that increasingly supports immoral positions the Bible calls sin. We didn’t wake up overnight and see nearly 65% of the country supporting homosexuality. It was a gradual process that took time and calculated effort. The effort of everyone from the media to liberal churches and denominations that have abandoned biblical teaching has resulted in favorable opinions for sin.

At one time homosexuals simply wanted equality and to be legally recognized. That time is gone and nothing less than being fully accepted by every person will due. It doesn’t matter if you are morally or religiously opposed to homosexuality, you must accept their lifestyle as legitimate. They are perfectly content to trample your religious convictions with their personal convictions; and the irony is hopelessly lost on them.

In this age of robust ideological dialogue some are not content to simply discuss, and then to agree to disagree, as tolerance would dictate. Instead they demand to be crowned the victor, proclaimed the winner of the debate, and that everyone agree with their position. That sure doesn’t sound like tolerance. And it surely doesn’t resemble the “free exchange of ideas” that we once knew. This is no more than tyranny, annihilating the opposition and removing perspective only to be replaced by a pre-determined viewpoint: the politically correct one.

Where this leads is a country that has no room for opposing viewpoints; where religious freedom ends outside the church walls (maybe even inside); where a few people get to determine what everyone else thinks and no one is allowed to complain or disagree; where rights are trampled in favor of political agendas.

What is driving the acceptance of ideas once frowned upon? Simply that they are being communicated in different ways to a younger generation that has not been raised with a foundation of biblical morality. It only takes a generation to see things once thought of as morally and biblically wrong become acceptable when truth and morality are centered in opinion rather than transcendent truth.

We are at a fragile point in our nation’s history. A point that, if it continues will lead us backwards to the type of political governance our Founders fled. If ever there was a time for daily prayer and the courage to be politically in-correct, that time is now. Maybe, rather than asking God to bless the USA, we should be asking God to forgive us and to have mercy on us.

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