LIARS: Planned Parenthood Finally Admits They Don’t Do Mammograms

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Cecile Richards in CongressIn my estimation Planned Parenthood is one of our nation’s most corrupt, criminal organizations. One could hardly find a redeeming quality about the abortion business worth mentioning. Despite efforts to sell Americans a polished image as a woman’s health organization, Planned Parenthood has watched helplessly as videos exposing it’s true nature as a house of death have revealed an image more akin to founder Margaret Sanger’s intent: a highly developed killing machine.

I’ve often challenged anyone to give me one positive aspect of Planned Parenthood only to be met with almost a singular response: “they protect women’s health.” That can loosely be translated into one of two answers when further questioned. One is that Planned Parenthood defends abortion on demand and the other is that they do “good” things like mammograms.

And while many Planned Parenthood advocates have unflinchingly boasted of their “good” work of offering mammograms, as it turns out (like many of us have been saying) they don’t even offer mammograms.

In a recent testimony before Congress, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards admitted that Planned Parenthood doesn’t even have mammogram machines in any of their clinics. It was reported that part of an exchange in Congress went like this:

“Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards confirmed that none of her organization’s 650 to 700 clinics across America has a mammogram machine, despite saying that clinics do regularly perform breast exams.

‘None to your knowledge have a mammogram machine?’ Republican Rep. Cynthia Lummis asked.

“Richards responded by confirming that Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms and that the clinics, instead, refer women to outside radiology centers for that medical testing service.

‘Right, we have different kinds of arrangements depending on the state to refer women for mammograms,’ she said.”

So they refer women to other places rather than doing any mammograms. Hopefully that will once and for all end the debate about any good Planned Parenthood offers. It seems actually doing anything to help women is just too bothersome for Planned Parenthood. But don’t worry, they aren’t too busy to pay protesters to throw condoms at Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. You should probably be upset that your tax dollars are being used to pay people to throw condoms around.

But hey, the good news is that Planned Parenthood continues to tell everyone that most Americans support abortion, their organization, and using tax payer’s money to fund them. Never mind that all of those statements are patently false. The help of a complicit media and the most pro-abortion president in American history has made the last 7 years very easy for Planned Parenthood.

But the truth is coming out. After protests against Planned Parenthood brought more than 78,000 people in over 300 locations out, Planned Parenthood decided to hold a rally in support of abortion. But when only a few thousand people in 25 locations showed up the organization removed any evidence of the event from their website. I guess not as many people support abortion as they thought.

Even now Cecile Richards continues to claim the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood for selling aborted baby body parts are false. But cybersecurity and forensic experts have verified that the videos have not been doctored or altered in any way. In other words, they are entirely authentic.

What this means is that the true nature of Planned Parenthood has been exposed for the world to see. The sight is so sickening that even staunch pro-abortion advocates have rebuked the abortion giant for their vile actions. And there is hope that we can finally see this “non-profit” organization defunded. Efforts in both houses of Congress are underway and continue to push for the defunding of an organization that has repeatedly lied to the American people and put women in constant jeopardy.

And why shouldn’t Planned Parenthood be defunded? If the organization is so wildly popular as they claim, let them raise their own support through their advocates the way every other non-profit does. And, for that matter, why should the American people be forced to fund an organization that violates the conscience and religious convictions of so many?

I urge everyone to contact their elected officials to let them know they support every effort to defund Planned Parenthood. Ad be sure to check out the “Defund Planned Parenthood Resource Page” that Citizenlink has set up.

Once and for all Planned Parenthood needs to have every federal dime taken away, and be held accountable for breaking federal and state laws on a daily basis. We’re close to that reality.

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