All 10 Undercover Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood for Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts

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Cecile Richards

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards

Over the last 3 months ten videos exposing the atrocious practices of Planned Parenthood have been released. The Center for Medical Progress began releasing the videos in July, for the purpose of showing how Planned Parenthood traffics aborted baby body parts. The 10 videos are at times very graphic and the conversations are almost too disturbing to believe. But these videos, taken over the course of several years, have exposed the evil of Planned Parenthood and reignited a fire to defund the abortion group and hold them accountable.

Below is all 10 videos and a brief description of what is contained on each. A big thanks to Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist for her work compiling this list (commentary below belongs to Ms. Hemingway). Take a moment to review each video and consider sharing this information with others. As more people discover the treachery of Planned Parenthood more progress is made to hold them accountable. One thing I want to make clear about these videos is that they are, in fact, authentic. Independent tests have shown that no manipulation or altering has been done, the videos are authentic and real. If the videos posted below don’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

1) Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts: This 9-minute-video with more than 3 million views on YouTube features Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director for medical services, munching on a salad and sipping wine while she admits to altering abortion procedures in such a way that baby body parts can later be sold to human organ buyers. Laws prohibit altering abortion procedures for organ procurement.

2) Second Planned Parenthood Senior Executive Haggles Over Baby Parts Prices, Changes Abortion Methods: This video features Dr. Mary Gatter, who at the time the video was filmed was serving as the president of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors Council. In this video, she haggles over the payment for human body parts from aborted fetuses. While negotiating a price, she says she doesn’t want to be the first person to name a price, because “the person who throws out the figure first is at a loss.”

3) Human Capital – Episode 1: Planned Parenthood’s Black Market in Baby Parts: This video features Holly O’Donnell, a former StemExpress technician who harvested the parts from the aborted babies at a Planned Parenthood clinic. This is the first video to really explore how the organs are procured.

4) Planned Parenthood VP Says Fetuses May Come Out Intact, Agrees Payments Specific to the Specimen: This video features Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains VP & Medical Director Savita Ginde discussing the practice of procuring baby parts as well as how to avoid media scrutiny of their organ harvesting.

5) Intact Fetuses “Just a Matter of Line Items” for Planned Parenthood TX Mega-Center: This video features Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Research Director Melissa Farrell trying to negotiate a business agreement with investigators posing as organ buyers. She also tells them that some abortionists harvest body parts for their own research. They discuss how they could defend increased payments for more valuable organs even though the law only permits payment for costs. “It’s all just a matter of line items,” she says.

6) Human Capital – Episode 2: Inside the Planned Parenthood Supply Site: This video once again features former StemExpress procurement technician Holly O’Donnell. O’Donnell worked in Planned Parenthood clinics in California. In this video she explains how the procurement works and the cooperation between Planned Parenthood and Stem Express. Planned Parenthood provides the organ buyers with a list of what operations are being performed. Women are supposed to give consent for donating the body parts of their children. But, O’Donnell says, their organs were regularly harvested without the informed consent of the mothers.

7) Human Capital – Episode 3: Planned Parenthood’s Custom Abortions for Superior Product: This is the video that the media claim doesn’t exist. It’s absolutely horrifying. It combines clips from previous videos we’ve already seen, such as some of the statements of Planned Parenthood officials, with the claims of others in the baby organ procurement business. But the centerpiece is the first-person testimony of O’Donnell explaining how a late-term baby boy was aborted, how she didn’t know if he was technically alive or not since the heart was beating. She says she harvested his brain by cutting his head open beginning at the chin.

8) Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Buyer StemExpress Wants “Another 50 Livers/Week”: This video features Planned Parenthood organ buyer StemExpress’s CEO Cate Dyer talking about “consistent growth” in the industry. She says, “Planned Parenthood has volume because they’re a volume institution.” Asked what would make her happy, she says “another 50 livers a week.” She says they work with almost triple digit numbers of clinics. They discuss intact cases, though the company later claimed it was just referring to intact organs, not entire bodies.

9) Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Vendor ABR Pays Off Clinics, Intact Fetuses “Just Fell Out”: This video features Perrin Larton, the procurement director for Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR), a California-based non-profit organ middleman. She tells an undercover journalist that pro-lifers are making business difficult for baby organ traffickers.

10) Top Planned Parenthood Exec: Baby Parts Sales “A Valid Exchange,” Can Make “A Fair Amount of Income”: Though this video featuring discussions with a wide range of Planned Parenthood executives isn’t graphic, it is in some ways the most troublesome for Planned Parenthood. That’s because this video shows that Planned Parenthood encourages the fetal organ trade at the very highest levels.

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