Man Behind Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos Shares About the “Evil” He Encountered

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David DaleidenThe man behind the undercover videos that exposed the atrocities of planned Parenthood shared with Glenn Beck a memorable moment when he believed he encountered “evil” at a Planned Parenthood clinic. David Daleiden told Beck that while he was at the clinic of a late-term abortionist, a woman that routinely kills babies days before they are supposed to be born, he had a moment when he felt the “evil” of the abortion clinic:

“And for the first time during this entire project, I felt really afraid, like an actual fear, a fight-or-flight kind of response. I felt very exposed, like she knew everything about me. And then all of a sudden … back to laughing and joking, totally casual, normal. And I talked about that with several people afterwards, and some people have kind of a spiritual interpretation, and others have a more psychological interpretation. But on some level, we feel like that was the predator look or the predator instinct that you see in someone who is accustomed to killing people. This is a late-term abortion doctor who has terminated many, many, many big babies over the years. That was probably the most significant moment that I had kind of early on encountering…the evil that we were going to be directly in contact.”

We don’t like to talk about evil much anymore. We would rather think of everyone as good. But the truth remains that evil does exist in this world and refusing to see it or acknowledge it simply helps perpetuate it. Had no one decided to acknowledge the evil of Hitler the world would look very different today. What Planned Parenthood does on a daily basis in indeed evil and these videos have further confirmed that truth.

Watch the entire video segment below. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

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