Down the Drain: University Reverses Gender-Neutral Bathroom Decision for the Reason You are Probably Thinking

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cell phone in toiletI just don’t understand this. This makes no sense.

The University of Toronto is changing its bathroom policy and reducing the number of gender-neutral bathrooms. Why in the world would anyone want to do that? Don’t they want to be “all-inclusive” and make transgender people feel welcome in any bathroom they choose to use?

In fact, the University of Toronto set out to do just that. They eliminated all male and all female bathrooms in order to accommodate transgender students. A move that was praised by everyone that thought making men and women share bathrooms was a good idea. Of course, only people with an incredible lack of common sense would think such an idea was good. And wouldn’t you know it, the people that said it was a terrible idea and warned that incidents of voyeurism and peeping (or worse) could occur, seem to be right.

Yep, you guessed it. Not long after the University of Toronto mandated that men and women share a bathroom and several reports of voyeurism happened.

According to an article at The Star, several women reported seeing cell phones peek above the shower stalls attempting to get images and videos of them showering. The article states:

“[T]wo women in separate instances at the Whitney Hall residence reported that they saw a cellphone reach over the shower-stall dividers in an attempt to record them. Police have yet to find any information about the culprit, but the investigation is ongoing.”

What? That’s insane. The University of Toronto put men and women in the same bathroom and incidents of voyeurism took place. Who saw that coming? Anyone?

For those who think I’m poking fun at the incidents of voyeurism, I assure you I’m not. In fact, if it was my daughter at the school I’d be on the first flight to Toronto armed with my best billy club ready to find the jerk that tried to invade my little girl’s privacy. I am however poking fun at the logic that says it’s a good idea to make men and women use the same bathroom; especially on a college campus. College campuses are not exactly known for under control hormones, morality, or virtue. Did the brains behind this decision really think an incident like this would not happen?

So if making the bathrooms gender neutral for the sake of the gender confused was a good idea, what is the purpose in reversing the decision? Shouldn’t the guilty parties be brought to justice and shamed into never attempting such action again? The dean of students at the university said the decision was “to provide a safe space” for women. An article at The Blaze reports:

“The purpose of this temporary measure is to provide a safe space for the women who have been directly impacted by these events and other students who may feel more comfortable in a single-gender washroom in the wake of these incidents.”

That’s odd, I could have sworn that opponents of gender neutral bathrooms have repeatedly cited safety as a primary concern. In fact, a strong pro-family advocate in California I’ve known for several years has repeatedly made the case that gender-neutral bathrooms pose a serious threat to women.

Then again, that just seems to be common sense. We live in an over-sexualized society that that seems to invent news ways of perverting sex each and every day. The best I can say for those who thought such incidents would not occur is that they were willfully ignorant. But these are the same people that seem to be encouraging people in their confusion. When a man declares that he’s really a woman and wants to live as such, our response should be one of compassion as we steer that man toward a proper understanding of masculinity and being male. Instead, our society wants to encourage and celebrate the confusion taking place.

The push to accept and celebrate the confusion of people questioning their sexuality has reached fever pitches. It’s to the point that even children and those having not yet reached puberty are being encouraged to have sex-change operations. Without any long-term data to help us understand the effects of sex-change operations at a young age the procedure can only be described as dangerous.

At least one recent article reports on the risks involved with sex-change surgery at a young age. The Daily Caller wrote on “7 Terrifying Quotes From The NYT’s Story On Teen Sex Changes.” I must admit that these are indeed terrifying quotes. One that stood out to me was:

“A large-scale Swedish study at the Karolinska Institute found that starting about a decade after gender reassignment surgery, the transgender suicide rate was still 19 times higher than for the general population.”

What this tells me is that many people believe sex-change is the answer to the indescribable problem they face. But it’s not. And after the operation has been done they realize that it was a mistake and have to live with all the emotions that come with the consequences of that decision. And rather than encourage these confused people to accept and celebrate their biological gender, we are pushing them – quite literally – toward suicide.

We can’t keep pushing people into unnatural scenarios and expect everything to turn out okay. College students should not be using the same bathroom (men and women in general should not be using the same bathroom). That is bound to end up exactly as anyone would expect – cell phones being used to spy and peep.

But men should be celebrated as men – not women. And women should be celebrated as women – not men. Encouraging confusion is not compassionate nor heroic. It’s appalling to push someone further into confusion (and mental unrest) while pretending everything is okay. We will look back one day with contempt on all those that cheerfully pushed our friends, neighbors, and loved-ones into confusion and aided their mental and emotional distress. Hopefully, before it’s too late.

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