The New War on Women: A Man Has Just Been Named “Woman” of the Year

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Bruce JennerThis post will likely be deemed “offensive” and “hate speech” by some. It will certainly be considered politically incorrect. Those realities make it all the more necessary and bewildering.

It seems Caitlyn Jenner, the new identity of the man formerly known as Bruce Jenner, will be named “Woman of the Year” by Glamour magazine. Now, there is so much packed into that statement that needs addressed, it is hard to know where to start.

Let’s consider the state of a society that celebrates and throws parties when a man is named “Woman of the Year.” It seems our culture loves embracing confusing ideas that aren’t based in realty. And by doing so we have become hypocrites that loathe the truth. We tell a man dressing as a woman that “she” is courageous and beautiful. We then tell people that believe in God, heaven, and eternity that they are “anti-science.” Even though biologically Bruce Jenner is a man and, therefore, scientifically he is living a lie. Our culture says we should celebrate his decision and support him in his confusion. But don’t you dare claim to pray or believe in divine intervention because that is unscientific.

Speaking of science. It has been shown, scientifically, that unborn babies have a heartbeat by 8 weeks. They can hear sounds and have recordable brain activity by 12 weeks. And by 20 weeks they can feel pain. And yet our President and many others praise Planned Parenthood for killing unborn babies. All the while, Planned Parenthood (and many abortion advocates) can’t really say when an unborn child really becomes human. You know, scientifically speaking. But let’s go ahead and tell a man dressed as a woman that he is in fact, a woman. Because, you know, equality and all.

Despite any outward appearance, the truth is that Bruce Jenner is still a man. From the time he was born, everything about him has been and (mostly) will continue to be male. Jenner’s genetic code, his biological composition, and even the hardwiring in his brain continue to be male.

Jenner has a man’s hormones; causing hair to grow on his body in a very different way than it does for most women. From his facial hair, to his chest, to his hands and feet, hair simply grows in different places and different ways for men than it does for women. Of course measures can be taken to discourage hair growth, but it doesn’t change the reality that hair grows differently for men and women.

Jenner has a man’s bone and muscle structure. It’s one of those pesky biological facts that men are (generally speaking) stronger than women. We all know exceptions and can appreciate that some women have developed physically in extraordinary ways. And some simply take better care of themselves (no one call Rhonda Rousey on me). But a typical difference between men and woman is denser muscle fibers and increased lung capacity. These are just two of the biological difference between men and women.

Jenner continues to have the reproductive system of a man. No amount of scientific lab work can allow a man to naturally, biologically reproduce. A man might have his sexual organs replaced with those of a woman, and he might have eggs and sperm implanted in himself; but he will never naturally produce eggs and give birth to a child.

What am I saying?

For all the fanfare and celebration surrounding the transition of Jenner, he is still, biologically, a man. For us as a society to think otherwise is just as confused as his decision to try and live life as a woman. For a magazine to name Jenner as the “Woman of the Year” is perhaps the greatest insult to women; an affront to true femininity. Where’s all the “war on women” talking heads when you need them? If ever a “warn on women” has been declared it’s by Glamour for announcing that a man is now the “woman” of the year. And yet I don’t see any feminists taking to the streets.

Australian-born academic Germaine Greer (a woman) recently made headlines for daring to voice her opinion that transgender men such as Jenner are “not women.” Greer said that even many women do not view transgender male-to-female people as truly women, saying they do not “look like, sound like, or behave like women.” (Watch Greer’s short interview here.)

Greer is simply saying what many people are thinking. Common sense dictates that no amount of cosmetic surgery or hormone treatment can change the biological structure of a person. You can mask the outside all you want. You can dress it up or dress it down. You can grow your hair or cut it off. You can change the pronouns you use when referring to yourself. But the reality is that regardless of what changes you make, a person’s biology is built into their DNA; built into every cell of their body; and fixed at birth.

This is more evidence that we live in an upside-down, backwards, inside-out society. The people that have common sense and see the world through the lens of reality are shouted down. The loudest voices see up as down and light as dark. They also see dark as light. Telling a man that wants to be a woman that he is “courageous” is nothing short of dazed and confused. There’s nothing courageous about the man trying to live in opposition to biology and reality; nor the people cheering him on.

But that’s the point. Our culture isn’t so concerned with truth. That’s why people can claim to be Christian while living in various sins. Some co-habitate. Some are gay. Others support abortion. Some live in open pride and arrogance; or have unchecked anger. Others prefer sloth or gluttony. The sin doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that people today don’t want anyone asserting a truth claim in their direction. This goes for Christians as much as anyone else.

So truth has been lost, replaced by perception, opinion, and political correctness. That’s how we can live in a world where a man is the “woman” of the year and people of faith trying to live and do business according to their religious convictions are castigated. If you can’t see how backwards and upside-down this is there’s a good chance you are part of the problem. If you get angry when someone shares truth with you it might be time for a gut-check.

On behalf of real women I’m saddened and angered by Glamour’s decision to mock women. They are ridiculing and belittling what it means to be female and the graces inherent in femininity. Those cheering Bruce Jenner on are no better. Welcome to the new war on women.

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