Merry Christmas! A Short Christmas Prayer.

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Silent NightI don’t know what the first “Christmas” was like. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t called Christmas. And I’m fairly certain that Mary, Joseph, and anyone else involved didn’t quite know what was going on. They knew a baby was being born. They knew God had spoke to them and told them everything would be okay. But beyond that I’m not sure the full impact of that day was realized.

Over the years Christmas has evolved into a day filled with traditions and celebrations that are joyful and festive. Some have to do with that baby born in a manger many centuries ago. Some are simply a product of cultural evolution. Some are…strange (egg nog…really?).

However you find yourself celebrating, and wherever you might be on this joyous day. My prayer is that you will slow down long enough to remember the baby that started it all. His name is Jesus. He’s no longer a baby. He grew to become the greatest prophet, preacher, and teacher the world has ever known. And the reason He needed to be born was so He could die for you and me. We are sinners deserving nothing less than God’s wrath and punishment. But Jesus took that wrath and endured that punishment for us. The result? We can be restored to a right relationship with God and have the peace that our sins are forgiven. That is truly a reason to celebrate.

So, today, I hope for you joy in remembering the baby that was born. But more than anything I pray that you will repent and seek forgiveness from the Savior that came to die for you. The Gospel of Jesus and the salvation He offers is worth more than this world can imagine.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas.



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