What If You Could Watch Movies “However the BLEEP You Want”?

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VidAngelHave you ever watched a preview for an upcoming new movie release that you thought looked really good? Then you learn the movie is rated “R” for “adult content” or “adult language” and your movie viewing hopes were dashed. You probably wondered, like many people, “Why do they have to put that language (or scene) in there?”

I can recall watching a movie with my kids not long ago. It’s an older movie, a really good movie, but I knew the movie had one word in it I didn’t want my kids hearing. One word. In a 2 hour movie. So I carefully prepared to mute the TV as that word approached. And…I missed it. I muted too early and before I knew it that one curse word came blaring out of the TV and my kids heard it. Then, of course, they repeated it because they’d never heard it before and thought it was funny. Lesson learned.

Many people enjoy watching movies but they don’t enjoy watching nudity or movies filled with four letter words. We get caught up in stories and characters but we dislike hearing foul language or seeing scenes of graphic nudity and sexuality. And many parents want to share specific movies with their kids but are concerned about a single word or scene. More than once we’ve wished there was a way to “edit” those things out of our movies.

Allow me to introduce you to VidAngel!

VidAngel ControlsVidAngel is a movie streaming service that allows users to customize their movie-viewing experience. From editing out specific words to nudity, VidAngel is the ultimate movie-watching experience for the discerning watcher. Here’s how it works.

Movies on VidAngel are crowd-filtered with “tags” for potentially offensive content. You simply choose the filters you desire, editing out words and content you find offensive such as the f-word and nudity. Once your filters are chosen you can stream and watch any movie on the VidAngel site with those filters in place for a customized movie-watching experience.

According to their website, VidAngel has many movies not even on Netflix yet. Movies such as: Furious 7, Mad Max Fury Road, Insurgent, American Sniper, Gone Girl, and Parker. And perhaps one of the best features of the VidAngel service is that you can stream movies and then sell them back!

The website states that you can buy any movie, stream it to any compatible device you own, and then you have the option to keep it or to sell it back. If you choose to sell the movie back the net cost to buy and stream the movie will be just $1. Other streaming services such as iTunes and Amazon can cost $5-$6 per night to stream movies. But VidAngel is only $1-$2 per night (depending on whether you choose standard definition (sd) or high-definition (hd)). And by using the sellback feature the movies could cost no more than $1.

Speaking of compatible devices, VidAngel says that their service works with a number of platforms. These platforms include: Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Other services have tried to clean movies up for movie-watchers that don’t want a lot of adult language or content. But they have quickly been shut down by the government for various infractions of copy-write laws. However, as VidAngel points out on their website, what they do is both different and legal! The website states:

“CleanFilms and CleanFlicks edited out what they thought was negative. Using those edits, they created new copies of the original movies. They sold or rented those burned discs.”

This was deemed illegal as an infringement on copy-write laws. But VidAngel does things a bit differently and, therefore, has been found to be operating within copy-write laws. They write:

“We tag (mark) the potentially offensive parts. You choose what you’d like to see and hear, not us. You watch your movie in the privacy of your own home. VidAngel is fully protected by the FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT AND COPYRIGHT ACT OF 2005. This law protects your right to remove ‘limited portions of audio or video content of a motion picture, during a performance in or transmitted to that household for private home viewing, from an authorized copy of the motion picture.’”

VidAngel is making waves in the movie-streaming industry. As they boast on their website, they have been featured in such media outlets as The Huffington Post, Mashable, and Mediabistro. Certainly any service that allows users to filter out offensive content is bound to make some headlines. Being able to provide that service for around $1 per movie is even better.

We’ve all come across movies we like but were bothered by language or other offensive content. VidAngel is helping to change that. This service is allowing people to watch movies that they like without being offended by questionable content. For parents this becomes a powerful tool in providing safe movies for our kids without the concern that a word or objectionable scene will sneak up on us.

Check out the VidAngel website today and learn how you can watch movies “However the BLEEP You Want!”

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