What The…!? The Guy Who Exposed Planned Parenthood’s Illegal Activity is Being Charged with a Crime!?

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David Daleiden

David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress

I’m typically a big fan of Texas.

Texas is a place where steak is served at every meal, guns are encouraged, and the San Antonio Spurs call home. Oh, and I was born in Texas. All in all Texas is a great place that many states could learn from.

However, Texas has recently made headlines for something that defies the imagination.

By now most people are aware that a series of undercover videos exposed the illegal and barbaric practices of Planned Parenthood in selling aborted baby body parts for money. The videos have been so damning to the abortion business that many states are cutting funding to Planned Parenthood and a majority of Americans want federal funding cut. (That’s not likely to happen as long as the most pro-abortion president in US history is in office. Think before you vote.)

David Daleiden and his group, the Center for Medical Progress, spent several years undercover secretly videotaping conversations with Planned Parenthood executives about their daily practices in securing aborted baby body parts to be sold for money. The videos caught many high-ranking Planned Parenthood executives discussing the practice as if they were selling used auto parts. It was nonchalant to them. Some remain proud of their actions today.

A grand jury in Texas was convened to decide whether or not to charge Planned Parenthood for their illegal activities. But rather than charging Planned Parenthood the grand jury decided to indict and charge the man behind the videos, David Daleiden! The shock of this decision is both bizarre and maddening. Just how well connected is Planned Parenthood politically that they can effect a runaway jury? And how deep are their pockets? Oh yeah, that’s our money they are using to continue their corrupt and illegal activities.

A recent article reports that Daleiden and another pro-life activist, Sandra Merritt, were charged with two separate felonies:

“Daleiden and Merritt were charged with one felony related to tampering with a governmental record and a misdemeanor count for violating the Texas statute on human organ trafficking for allegedly offering to buy fetal tissue.. The felony charge was in reference to the use of a fake ID. If convicted, Daleiden faces 20 years in prison while Planned Parenthood officials face no legal consequences for their actions.”

Imagine being in prison for 20 years for using a fake ID to capture video of Planned Parenthood breaking federal laws by selling aborted baby body parts. I can’t even wrap my mind around the upside-down craziness of this story.

Oh yeah, by the way, the district attorney that was investigating Planned Parenthood, Devon Anderson, has decided to close the case and that no further investigation is needed. And did I mention that one of the prosecutors in her office is a Planned Parenthood board member? No conflict of interest there!

It was Anderson that failed to convict abortionist Dennis Karpen when it was revealed he was allowing babies to be born alive and then killing them by twisting their necks. Despite a mountain of evidence, DA Harris was not able to get a conviction. Karpen was represented in court by Chip Lewis, an attorney that has donated more than $25,000 to DA Anderson’s re-election campaign. Nope, no conflict of interest here.

It has also been revealed that Planned Parenthood in Texas is guilty of the same crime that David Daleiden is being charged with! An article reports:

“Just days after a Texas grand jury ignored evidence of Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies’ body parts and indicted whistle blower David Daleiden instead, a pro-life group released new documents that appear to show the abortion chain billing for aborted babies’ body parts. Attorney Brisco Cain, who represents Operation Rescue, released a series of invoices between Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast and the University of Texas Medical Branch on Thursday, showing charges ranging from $1,500 to $3,750 for ‘consent payments’ that Planned Parenthood supplied to university researchers.”

As a result of this new evidence, Cheryl Sullenger, the Senior Vice President of Operation Rescue, a pro-life organization, made this comment:

“It is now clear that the Harris County grand jury never really investigated Planned Parenthood. Because of this new evidence, we renew our call for a new grand jury to investigate Planned Parenthood to be directed by an independent special prosecutor not related in any way to Devon Anderson, anyone in the Harris County District Attorney’s office, or Anderson’s friend, Chip Lewis.”

Seems like a reasonable request to me.

David Daleiden has responded to the charges against him with a very appropriate statement. He said:

“The Center for Medical Progress uses the same undercover techniques that investigative journalists have used for decades in exercising our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and of the press, and follows all applicable laws. We respect the processes of the Harris County District Attorney, and note that buying fetal tissue requires a seller as well. Planned Parenthood still cannot deny the admissions from their leadership about fetal organ sales captured on video for all the world to see.”

In other words, not only does Daleiden believe he and his team followed the law in gaining the undercover footage. But, as he asserts, if it is a crime to buy aborted baby body parts, it must also be a crime to sell them. So if he can be charged for seeking to buy body parts, Planned Parenthood must also be charged for selling.

Thankfully, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made it clear that the state will continue to investigate Planned Parenthood for their illegal and barbaric actions. He said:

“The Health and Human Service Commission’s Inspector General and the Attorney General’s office have an ongoing investigation into Planned Parenthood’s actions. Nothing about today’s announcement in Harris County impacts the state’s ongoing investigation. The State of Texas will continue to protect life, and I will continue to support legislation prohibiting the sale or transfer of fetal tissue.”

Planned Parenthood has managed to get away with illegal activities for years. They routinely break state and federal laws in order to kill babies and make money. The videos released by Daleiden and CMP have only put an undeniable light on those facts. It’s time for Planned Parenthood to face the consequences for their actions. No federal funding. Prosecution for those that blatantly broke the law.

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