This Super Bowl Commercial Made Abortion Advocates Crazy-Most People Thought It Was Funny

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Doritos Ultra-soundEveryone loves a well-done Super Bowl commercial. The prime-time advertising spots cost millions of dollars, but when 100 million people see your commercial it seems to be money well spent. I had pegged one commercial as the best of this year’s Super Bowl. And wouldn’t you know that abortion advocates thought it was the worst and took to the internet to show their disapproval.

If you recall, a Doritos commercial showed and unborn baby reaching for his father’s chip. The father moved the chip back and forth and the unborn child would follow and reach out for the nacho cheese snack. Suddenly, the mother grabbed the chip and threw it across the room. The unborn baby decided that was all he needed to make a grand entrance to the world and promptly came out of his mother’s womb. (Watch the ad below)

But the faithful abortion activists over at NARAL immediately decried the ad with this mind-numbing tweet:

#NotBuyingIt – that @Doritos ad using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight. #SB50

How anyone could allow the phrase “humanizing fetuses” out of their mouth in this context is beyond me. Is NARAL implying that unborn children aren’t human? What exactly are they then? According to science they are indeed human because two humans cannot produce a different species. Therefore if two humans procreate it must – by virtue of biology – be a human.

Well, the internet immediately jumped on NARAL’s very anti-science, anti-choice, anti-life statement with a relentless barrage of their own tweets, and pictures. You can see the thread here.

This just shows you that even while they claim to be “pro-choice,” that only means one choice to them: abortion. Anyone that chooses life and “humanizes” the unborn are attacked as enemies. The abortion lobby only knows death and money. The beauty and wonder of life escapes them. Ultrasound images captivate our hearts and emotions; but they only give abortion activists heartburn because they have to face the reality that unborn children are alive and abortion is murder.

Watch this heartwarming and very funny commercial for yourself, it’s posted below. By the way, what did you (or your wife) crave during pregnancy?

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