If You’re a Christian and Supporting Donald Trump: Read This

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Donald TrumpI liked watching the Celebrity Apprentice. I thought it was fun to watch these celebrities get told off by Donald Trump because I was pretty sure most of them hated him and would be the first to break a bottle over his head in a bar fight. So of course it made for entertaining television; come on, you were just as intrigued by Dennis Rodman as I was.

However, watching Trump rise politically has been the most confusing and bewildering experience. How can a man say the things Trump says and still be in the race? I’ve seen local politicians be mercilessly attacked and forced from office for less. (I have a theory that the media secretly wants Trump elected, but I’ll save that for another time.)

I’ve been voting for many years and am generally enthused in some way to go to the polls and cast my vote. However, my biggest fear is that when I step into that ballot box in 2016 that I will be faced with the choice between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for President. If that is the choice we may see more write-in ballots this year than any election in history. (Don’t be afraid to write my name in there, I’ll go to Washington for you.)

The reason I say this article is for Christians supporting Trump is two-fold:

1 – Non-Christians supporting Trump makes perfect sense to me.
2 – Christians seem to be falling all over themselves to support Trump – which makes no sense to me.

I have been astounded at the exit poll numbers from states like South Carolina where vast numbers of self-identified Christians are supporting Trump. This is a guy that has been pro-choice for many years but now claims to be pro-life (all while donating to pro-abortion candidates like Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton). This is the same guy that says he doesn’t need God’s forgiveness! Can you please tell me how that squares with your faith? And before you start saying that you keep politics and religion separate please check your Bible for any reference to keeping our lives segregated.

I want to direct your attention to an article by Matt Walsh. Matt Walsh is a blogger that has a way with words and a social media and online presence bigger than most bloggers. He recently wrote an article called: “Dear Trump Fan, So You Want Someone To ‘Tell It Like It Is’? OK, Here You Go.”

In the article, Walsh makes some points every Trump-supporting Christian needs to think about. Consider:

“You say you want someone who’s politically incorrect. You’re so desperate for political incorrectness — a supremely ridiculous reason to vote a guy into the Oval Office, but never mind — that your esteem for him only grows when he belittles the disabledmocks American prisoners of war, calls women dogs, calls his opponents p*ssies, calls for the assassination of women and children, says he’d like to have sex with his daughterbrags about his adultery, etc… Trump won South Carolina on the support of Evangelical Christians who were so impressed with his alleged straight talk that they overlooked the fact that he’s a crass, cruel, unrepentant philanderer who says he does not need God’s forgiveness, and who praises Planned Parenthood as “wonderful” and his radically pro-abortion sister as a “phenomenal” candidate for the Supreme Court.”

If you liked that snippet of Matt’s blog you will LOVE the rest. I would highly encourage reading the entire article.

Listen, I enjoy a good reality television show just as much as the next guy. But we don’t need a reality tv personality running the country and telling world leaders “you’re fired.” We need a principled leader that hasn’t changed his mind or “evolved” on critical issues. We need a president that respects people, even people that disagree with him; rather than call names or threaten to sue. We need a man that takes his faith seriously and humbly seeks God’s wisdom and direction rather than someone that acts like he’s bigger and better than God.

I honestly can’t fathom a Christian supporting Trump. It boggles my mind. I certainly can’t tell you how to vote. But, before you cast your ballot I hope you will humbly and sincerely pray for God to give you wisdom. If you can, in all honesty say that Trump is a Christian example you are proud to vote for, then so be it.

I, however, am taking suggestion for write-in candidates.

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