Do You Know Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on Important Issues? Check Out This 2016 Voter Guide

Posted on March 3, 2016 in Public Policy by

VoteAs the 2016 primary season begins to hit its stride, being armed with the right information is critical. This election could be pivotal for our country as we are dangerously close to a path that, I believe, could be ruinous for our once great nation. With that in mind, I found a recent post by Citizenlink, a Focus on the Family affiliate, very helpful.

It’s hard to know where to turn to get reliable information on where candidates stand on important issues. But the folks at Citizenlink have been helping to create voter guides for many years. Citizenlink has partnered with the Florida Family Policy Council to produce an informative voter guide intended to shed light on specific positions held by both Republican and Democratic candidates.

The voter guide addresses the issues of abortion, immigration, common core, and religious freedom. The explanations for answers given by candidates makes this a reputable voter guide that bears a few moments of your time. I found it interesting that only one candidate answered all the questions in the same way I did. That puts the current race into perspective for me.

You can see full-size versions or even download the PDF versions of these voter guides here.


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