POWERFUL VIDEO: Former Abortionist Explains What Happens During an Abortion

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abortionFor years pro-abortion advocates have labeled pro-life advocates as “anti-science” in discussing abortion. But in recent years that ploy has been unmasked as medicine and science have both confirmed the absolute humanity of the unborn. This has left pro-abortion advocates with one less tool in their belt to deceive people into supporting their culture of death.

The following video is no exception.

In this video, produced by Live Action, Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist, explains exactly what takes place during a second trimester abortion. The video uses animation to show the brutal reality of what happens during abortion. It is a difficult video to watch. A recent article comments on the powerful message of this video:

“The new video series features Dr. Anthony Levatino, a former abortionist who became pro-life. In the videos, Dr. Levatino uses simple medical descriptions of the most prevalent abortion procedures. These innovative videos use medical animations (not graphic photos) to show the brutal injustice committed against preborn children. Information presented in the videos is backed by peer-reviewed medical journals and has been developed and reviewed by practicing OB/GYNs, medical professionals, and former abortionists… As this new video project is showing, when people see what an abortion really does to an unborn baby, many change their minds.”

Watch the video below and please share it. Many Americans are uninformed or misinformed about what an abortion is. This video shows exactly what takes place and has been medically verified for accuracy. This video has the power to change someone’s mind and maybe even safe lives.

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