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The Guy that Exposed Planned Parenthood is Fighting Back Against Corrupt District Attorney

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In short, during the grand jury proceedings, which are supposed to be secret, it appears that Devon Anderson’s office provided material evidence against Planned Parenthood to Planned Parenthood and their attorney’s! So even though Planned Parenthood was supposed to be the subject of the investigation and grand jury, it seems quite obvious that Devon Anderson made sure David Daleiden and his undercover videos were being investigated. The word “corrupt” comes to mind.

Then again, let’s be honest. Planned Parenthood has been involved in more scandals than Hillary Clinton; and that is really saying something. Every other month a new scandal involving illegal practices, illegal money, and false statements surfaces. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards spends half her time schmoozing abortion activists in Congress for money and the rest of her time putting out the fires resulting from illegal activity.

This Letter About A Mega-Church Pastor Being Removed Should Encourage You

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First of all, if you haven’t read the letter from the board of elders at The Journey regarding the events that culminated with the removal of Patrick from his position, you can read it here. I highly encourage you to read the letter (both the one from the elders and the one from Patrick himself) because it perfectly illustrates what biblical discipline in the life of an elder (lead pastor) should look like. And the intended response from that elder should biblical church discipline be needed.

That leads me to why I believe this is an encouraging sequence of events.

I have heard many times over the last few years how people of faith are discouraged and frustrated by the sin of pastors and the subsequent action resulting from that sin. In case you don’t remember some of these high profile cases, let me remind you:

Can Someone Please Tell Me Why Fourth-Graders Need a NSFW Book in Their School Library?

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The Oregon school principal is apologizing after angry parents demanded to know why their kids had access to the book; especially when they were told it had been pulled from school shelves. Perhaps a better question is why has such a book been approved for 10 year olds in the first place?

Let’s do a very simple review: any image depicting people engaging in sexual activity is considered “explicit” and/or pornographic (depends on who you talk to). To view any such image a person is supposed to be at least 18 years old; as every pornographic website makes perfectly clear. So why is a school allowed to show explicit/pornographic imaged to our children and call it “health class”?

According to one article, some of the images in the book include:

She Sold Lies Writing for Cosmo – Now She Shares the Truth About Two famed Movements

Posted on April 21, 2016 in Marriage, Sexuality by

You may not have known that the sexual revolution and the women’s movement were once two very separate, distinct movements. The way they are portrayed today it is easy to conclude that they have always been one big movement. But a new book by a former Cosmo writer is telling the truth about how the sexual revolution hi-jacked the women’s movement.

Sue Ellen Browder spent more than 20 years writing for Cosmo magazine. In her own words “she sold the Cosmo lifestyle even though I was not living it…I had a beautiful marriage. I was home baking chocolate chip cookies … and raising children and selling this abhorrent lifestyle to young women.”

Browder is now sharing her story and the truth behind how the sexual revolution co-opted the women’s movement for its own immoral gain. Her new book “Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement” is a candid look into the history of two of the most influential movements in American history.

The description of Browder’s book at Amazon says:

The Evangelical Theology of Donald Trump…or…Lack Thereof.

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I’ve written several times about the concerning reality that any self-identified “evangelicals” are supporting Donald Trump for president. This curious truth says less about Trump and more about the people supporting him; especially the theology of those people.

Michael Horton is a brilliant scholar of biblical theology. He is a professor and author whose books are often used as text books in many college classes. Horton has penned an article analyzing the connection between Trump and his Christian following. In particular Horton highlights the theological implications behind the strong support for Trump from America’s believers.

After sharing a brief history of the shallow extent of Trumps religious upbringing in a controversial church setting, Horton recounts the support from well-known evangelical sources:

AWWW…These Photos of Baby Animals are Amazingly Cute

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If you like seeing baby animals, you will love the photos that National Geographic producer Peter Chinn has created using 3D ultrasound, computer graphics, and small cameras. (Pictures below the break)

The images are possibly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. As they reveal details of these baby animals that most people never get to see in real life. The elephant, Cheetah, and Polar Bears are stunning. The last image in particular is amazing for its clarity and detail.

It occurs to me that any person viewing these images will immediately admit that these are living creatures. Furthermore, most people would be quick to say that we need to do everything in our power to protect and defend these unborn animals. We support laws against cruelty; laws against illegal killing; and laws to ensure they are protected from the time they are in the womb to the time they die naturally. What I’m unclear about is how anyone could make such an admission regarding these animals and then support killing an unborn human baby. What exactly is the difference?

Take a moment and look at these incredible pictures below and allow yourself to marvel at the miracle of life.

Nothing to See Here. Just a Conflict of Interest Paid for by Planned Parenthood

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This is almost too egregious to believe. And yet the headlines are no joke and make it very clear that Planned Parenthood and their bought-off political allies will stop at nothing to advance their pro-death movement.

David Daleiden, the man that released the undercover videos exposing the sale of aborted baby body parts by Planned Parenthood had his home raided by politicians in California. The California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, ordered the raid on Daleiden’s home. Besides the obvious violation of Daleiden’s First Amendment rights, this is a particularly horrendous crime due to the fact that the people raiding his home have been paid by Planned Parenthood. A recent article reports:

Hillary Clinton Has Some Shocking Comments Regarding the Unborn

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Significant progress has been made concerning the defense of the unborn across our country. State legislatures are enacting pro-life laws to defend the unborn at a record pace. Abortion clinics are closing in historic numbers and currently there is far fewer clinics than there was just 15 years ago. As a nation, we are moving towards defending the unborn as science continually affirms the humanity of children in their mother’s womb.

But despite the reality that a majority of Americans want abortion reform; despite a majority of Americans claiming to be pro-life; two presidential candidates want to move us backwards and undo the significant progress made.

In an interview recently, candidate Hillary Clinton made it clear that she believes abortion is more of a right than life for the unborn. She made this statement:

Ga Gov Nathan Deal: Religious Freedom doesn’t Need Protected – No One’s Being Sued Here

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There’s a verse in the Bible I’m learning to understand more as our culture moves toward complete rebellion of God’s principles. That verse simply states, “you cannot serve God and money.” (Matt. 6:24 ff)

Now, some would say this means you can’t be rich and serve God, but that’s a false conclusion. One look into Scripture reveals many people that were indeed rich and were used of God; King Solomon is just one example. Nope, that verse is teaching that your priorities cannot be both the pursuit of money and the pursuit of God and serving God.

Our society has become driven by money: the pursuit of money, the protection of money, and the acquisition of more money. And when money is threatened it is not a surprise to see people make decisions in favor of money rather than in favor of serving God.

Is Donald Trump What American Christians Deserve? Maybe?

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If you didn’t know better, you would be convinced that a vast majority of evangelical Christians support Donald Trump for president. If you didn’t know better.

There is no doubt that the mainstream media is propping Donald Trump up in his bid to be elected president. No one says the crazy things Trump has said on the campaign trail and survives unless the media is helping. Liberal outlets even seem joyful in their reporting that “evangelical Christians” are lining up to support Trump. But is it true that evangelicals en masse are prepared to vote for Trump in this year’s election?

I don’t think so.

Yes, it’s true that Trump has secured (for now) a large part of the Christian vote. We could have a discussion on the difference between “self-identified Christian” and those that are truly Christ-followers, but I’ll save that for another time. For now let’s just agree that many church-going people intend to vote for Trump in November and that reality is causing a stir.

Never in my years of presidential elections have I witnessed so many prominent evangelicals vocally oppose a republican candidate. For the most part church leaders and other prominent evangelicals remain silent. Not because they don’t have opinions and prefer one candidate over another; but because they prefer to focus on the Gospel instead of politics. (That’s also another conversation.)


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