The Guy that Exposed Planned Parenthood is Fighting Back Against Corrupt District Attorney

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David Daleiden is accusing a district attorney and Planned Parenthood of corruption

David Daleiden is accusing a district attorney and Planned Parenthood of corruption

Remember that District Attorney (Devon Anderson) that decided to charge David Daleiden, the guy that exposed Planned Parenthood’s illegal activity through undercover videos? Remember that the grand jury convened to investigate Planned Parenthood decided (for some odd reason) to charge Daleiden and ignore all the evidence against Planned Parenthood?

Now, Daleiden is turning the tables on Devon Anderson and accusing her of “colluding with Planned Parenthood” and seeking to have all the charges against him thrown out.

A recent article explains:

“The motions accuse the office of District Attorney Devon Anderson of colluding with Planned Parenthood – who was supposed to be the subject of the investigation — and others to improperly extend the grand jury for the purpose of launching a new investigation against Daleiden and his associate, Sandra Merritt. The motion also present six exhibits to support their accusations, which focused on public statements made by PPGC’s attorney, Josh Schaffer, who not only admitted to having communication with Harris County prosecutors throughout the ‘investigation,’ but bragged that he persuaded Anderson to turn the grand jury against Daleiden.”

In short, during the grand jury proceedings, which are supposed to be secret, it appears that Devon Anderson’s office provided material evidence against Planned Parenthood to Planned Parenthood and their attorney’s! So even though Planned Parenthood was supposed to be the subject of the investigation and grand jury, it seems quite obvious that Devon Anderson made sure David Daleiden and his undercover videos were being investigated. The word “corrupt” comes to mind.

Then again, let’s be honest. Planned Parenthood has been involved in more scandals than Hillary Clinton; and that is really saying something. Every other month a new scandal involving illegal practices, illegal money, and false statements surfaces. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards spends half her time schmoozing abortion activists in Congress for money and the rest of her time putting out the fires resulting from illegal activity.

It should come as no surprise that anyone associated with Planned Parenthood is as corrupt as the organization itself. Whether that is a lawyer or district attorney seems to make no difference. Apparently being corrupt and willing to break the law is a requirement to work for Planned Parenthood.

My hope is that the people that have been breaking federal law to murder unborn babies and then sell their body parts for profit will be brought to justice. I’m not sure they have a conscience to bother them anymore so it will take someone with a conscience and moral sense of right and wrong to see justice prevail against the evil of Planned Parenthood. And just in case you thought it didn’t matter, your vote for president could severely impact whether Planned Parenthood ever sees the inside of a court. Choose wisely.

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