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You Absolutely MUST Watch This Video: Connection Between Unborn Child and Mother

Posted on May 31, 2016 in Life by

I’ve seen a lot of videos depicting an unborn child growing in the womb. I enjoy them and find myself fascinated once again at the miracle of life; and truly it is a miracle. But the video below was exceptionally fascinating.

In this video, posted here, we learn about the connection an unborn child has with his/her mother while in the womb. We learn of how the child hears and remembers words and his/her native tongue. We discover that a mother produces different recipes of breast milk for a boy and a girl. We see that the unborn child sends stem cells to help heal the mother’s heart should it be damaged/injured. And we find out that baby boys leave behind a part of themselves in their mother’s brain.

The science in this video is amazing. It also further reiterates the fact that the pro-life position is both pro-science and pro-woman. The pro-life movement is advancing scientific studies of the unborn and releasing that science to the public. The pro-life position is standing firmly on science as a part of the foundation for our position. I can think of nothing more pro-science than defending the unborn as living human beings.

Please take a moment to watch this short video. It is spectacular and worth every second.

Blogger Remembers Being Gender Confused At a Time When People Were Sane

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Like blogger LaVern Vivio, I’m very thankful I grew up at a time when common sense was still common and boys and girls were still boys and girls. Vivio recently shared a very personal part of her child hood in which she recounts wishing she were a boy. But she quickly surprises the gender activists by saying she is thankful she grew up then, rather than now:

“As a child — possibly throughout my entire adolescence I had wished — special emphasis on the word ‘wished’ I had been born a boy. I don’t still wish this — I wished it back when I also wished I could be a veterinarian, a fireman, a cowboy or the next ‘Tanya Tucker.’ when I grew up. I was thankful to have grown up then — rather than now. So I had the chance to not only choose between a career as a cowboy or fireman but to grow through the awkwardness of adolescence without being assaulted by the psychopathic motives of gender activism.”

Vivio is thankful she grew up in a saner time because if she were a child today and even hinted that she wished she were a boy, she would become a target for gender activists. Gender activists would tell Vivio that she really is a boy, trapped in a female body, and that she needs to take hormones, wear boys’

MUST SEE VIDEO: College Kids Aren’t Sure There is a Difference Between Male and Female

Posted on May 25, 2016 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

I’m an average guy that learns from observing the world around me. This constant observation has led me to conclude that the earth is not flat; the seasons come and go annually; everything is bigger in Texas; guns don’t kill people – people kill people; spoons don’t make people fat; and there is a definable, scientific difference between men and women.

Maybe you agreed with everything I just said, maybe you didn’t. One thing is for certain though: you cannot refute the reality that there is a definable, scientific difference between men and women.

But don’t tell that to the “enlightened” college students at Seattle University.

In the video below you will hear from student as they are asked questions about gender, and the difference between male and female. Joseph Backholm, the director of The Family Policy Institute of Washington, interviewed students to find out if there even is a difference between male and female.

Take a look at some of the questions asked of these “educated” students and see if you can properly answer them:

“Is there a difference in your mind between men and women?”

VIDEO: Mother Shocked to Find Man in Women’s Locker Room at Local Pool

Posted on May 24, 2016 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

What would you do if you walked into the women’s locker room at your local pool and there was a man standing there?

Suppose you took your kids to the pool for a relaxing day of fun in the sun. Everything is going great when you need to make a run to the locker room. As you walk in, you see a man standing there, in a women’s bathing suit, staring at the women in the locker room. What would you do?

That’s exactly the situation one mother faced. The video below, shared by the Family Policy Alliance, tells her story about taking her kids to the local pool and walking into the women’s locker room to find a grown man standing there looking at the women. When this confused mother went to the employees of the pool they politely told her that “he must identify as a woman” and that he was welcome to use the women’s locker room.

In the video, the shocked mother explains that what she saw was a man, watching the women in the locker room, and looking down at his phone. I won’t pretend to know what the man was doing, but it certainly raises serious questions. Furthermore, as a husband or father, how would you feel if you knew there was a man in the locker room looking at your wife or daughter as she changed for the pool?

Efforts to change bathroom laws are not something to be quickly dismissed. It is a dangerous policy position to allow men into women’s facilities. Not because transgender people are inherently dangerous or known to assault women or children, but because perverted individuals will take advantage of such laws.

Watch the video below and ask yourself what you would have done in this mother’s position.

List of Corporate Sponsors for Planned Parenthood Gives Pro-Life Advocates an Opportunity

Posted on May 19, 2016 in Life by

I know we can’t possibly know how every corporation spends their money, and what immoral causes are being supported. But we can learn and make biblically based decisions about how and where to spend our money. A list like this one can help. If you don’t think your money is powerful, you are sadly mistaken. If every pro-life advocate out there refused to support any organization that supported Planned Parenthood you would quickly see corporate donations shrivel. As LifeNews reported, more than 300 companies have stopped sending donations to Planed Parenthood because of this list and the purchasing power of pro-life people. Where you spend your money matters.

Take a look at the list. Learn a little about the companies sending money to America’s largest abortion merchant. Here’s a few of the companies on the list: Bayer, Chanel Chevron, Cigna,

An NFL Player, Evangelist, and Pastor All Share Thoughts on the Transgender Issue. You Should Read Their Thoughts.

Posted on May 18, 2016 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

The transgender bathroom issue isn’t going away. Part of me wonders if it is a distraction to divert our attention from other critical issues facing our culture. But I also see this as an important issue in the gender identity battle; one that we can’t ignore or shrink away from.

Some notable voices have shared their thoughts on this issue. One of those notable voices is Baltimore Ravens Tight End Benjamin Watson. Watson is an outspoken Christian that is not afraid to share biblical truth on tough issues. The fact that he is a very public figure with a high-profile job makes his outspoken stance even more courageous.

Watson recently shared his thoughts on the transgender bathroom issue through a post on Facebook. (You can read the full post here.) Watson made a point that needs to be repeated over and over again. He lamented the fact that our society seems to be pushing us to simply accept the feelings of everyone, regardless of their validity or the truth of those feelings. He wrote:

Reason #1 for Not Supporting Donald Trump: He is Clueless About Religious Freedom

Posted on May 17, 2016 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

It seems Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential election. While many are extremely happy about that possibility, I am more concerned than ever about the future of our country.

First of all, let me say that I believe God is alive and well and continuing to be sovereign over all that takes place. As the Bible clearly indicates, God uses rulers (presidents) to bless and to punish nations. How Donald Trump will be used by God should he become president is not for me to prophesy about; I’ll leave that in God’s hands.

However, statements by Trump from a few months ago give me little reason to be excited by his nomination and possible presidency.

It was reported a few months ago that Trump wanted a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” until elected officials can “figure out what is going on.”

Trump went on to say that he would like to stop all Muslims from entering the country

Should Christians Take Part in the Target Boycott?

Posted on May 12, 2016 in Public Policy, Sexuality, Theology by

Part of the sub-debate surrounding the Target bathroom issue is whether or not Christians should join the boycott. The question is whether or not boycotting a local business is the right way to “show Christ” to a lost world.

Christians are having an intra-faith debate on social media about whether or not it’s right and appropriate to boycott a business for the cultural position it takes. In one sense it is an interesting discussion as intelligent conversations discuss the pros and cons of boycotting. On the other hand it’s frustrating and tiring as angry accusations and sinful threats are hurled across social media platforms. You know, the old “if you don’t…un-friend me now.”

Here’s Why I Cannot Support Transgender People in Their Lifestyle

Posted on May 11, 2016 in Public Policy, Sexuality, Theology by

I’ve seen many posts on social media from friends and acquaintances asking Christians to be supportive and understanding of the trans community. They implore us to show “the love of Christ” to people by supporting their lifestyle. That is a sinful request. It would be the same as asking Christians to support abortionists, or drug addicts in their “lifestyle.” Christians cannot and must not support any sinful behavior, action, or lifestyle. It is neither compassionate nor loving to support sin. We don’t show Christ to people when we encourage their sin. We show people a false Gospel that is not of Jesus Christ and has no power to save people from their sins. If Christians want to be loving and compassionate then we must proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, which is repentance from sins, with grace and truth as we recognize that we are sinners as well.

Can someone point to a place in Scripture where Jesus supported and accepted someone’s sin? As I recall, each and every time Jesus encountered sin He told the person to “sin no more.” He acknowledged their sin, called out their sin, and told them to repent. That is the model and the example Christians must imitate.

What I Should Have Said to the Doctor That Insulted My Baby

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I thought it was going to be another relaxing Sunday afternoon. I enjoy our family rest day as we go to church together then gather at my parents’ house for lunch. Then we get to rest for the remainder of the day and enjoy family time as we prepare for our week. It’s my favorite day of the week.

But this Sunday would turn out to be very different.

Few outside of our families knew that my wife was pregnant. This was our fourth child and we didn’t see a need to make a big deal of it. Besides, there is a lot going on with our family and we had little time for much else. So besides our families not many people were even aware she was about 11 weeks along.

Well, we thought she was 11 weeks along.


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