How Much is Your Baby’s Brain, Liver, or Hands Worth? New Docs Show What Companies Paid for Aborted Baby Body Parts

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The chart below shows exactly what various body parts are being sold for to procurement companies. These companies are contacted by interested parties seeking to buy aborted baby body parts, the company then goes to an abortion clinic to harvest the parts and sells them to the interested party, according to a recent article.

So what is a brain worth? What is a liver or pancreas or leg worth? The chart shows what was charged for specific parts along with the quantity harvested by one company. The reality that unborn children are being killed and their bodies are being sold for parts is horrifying. What kind of society accepts and promotes this behavior as good?

If a company was advertising the sale of unborn animal parts for medical research it would be all over the news. But the media has largely dismissed and ignored this reality because it presents a crystal clear image of the barbarity of the abortion industry. Since abortion on demand is a favored liberal media cause they don’t want to damage their precious cause. So this cruelty goes ignored.

Look at the chart (below the break) and realize that it is currently legal in America to sell the body parts of an unborn child murdered in the womb.

Baby Price Chart

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