List of Corporate Sponsors for Planned Parenthood Gives Pro-Life Advocates an Opportunity

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target-bathroomRecently I was made aware of a pro-life organization that has compiled a list of every company that gives financial support to Planned Parenthood. The list is massive, and extremely detailed in explaining what industries the company is involved in and what specific products the company sells. It is quite an education.

Most importantly, it is an opportunity. As a pro-life Christian, I don’t want to support any organization that partners with Planned Parenthood. I want to spend my money wisely at companies that see the value in life (or in the very least are neutral on the issue) rather than knowingly supporting companies that publicly support abortion.

This is one of the reasons I have stopped supporting the Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts have made a big deal of supporting Planned Parenthood and bringing the abortion merchant into their organization to conduct seminars and classes. I have no intention of supporting an organization that thinks it’s appropriate to teach young girls how wonderful abortion is; and how it’s okay to explore sexuality in grade school. So I politely decline to buy cookies every year they come to my door.

I know we can’t possibly know how every corporation spends their money, and what immoral causes are being supported. But we can learn and make biblically based decisions about how and where to spend our money. A list like this one can help. If you don’t think your money is powerful, you are sadly mistaken. If every pro-life advocate out there refused to support any organization that supported Planned Parenthood you would quickly see corporate donations shrivel. As LifeNews reported, more than 300 companies have stopped sending donations to Planed Parenthood because of this list and the purchasing power of pro-life people. Where you spend your money matters.

Take a look at the list. Learn a little about the companies sending money to America’s largest abortion merchant. Here’s a few of the companies on the list: Bayer, Chanel Chevron, Cigna, Estee Lauder, Gannett, JP Morgan Chase, Levi Strauss, Marriott, Microsoft, Nike, Oracle, Ralph Lauren, Wells Fargo, Whole Foods, Starwood Hotels, TD Ameritrade, Time Warner, and Starbucks.

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