MUST SEE VIDEO: College Kids Aren’t Sure There is a Difference Between Male and Female

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FPIW VideoIf you have an abundance of common sense this video will be a little hard to watch. The college kids being interviewed have trouble determining if there is a difference between male and female.

I’m an average guy that learns from observing the world around me. This constant observation has led me to conclude that the earth is not flat; the seasons come and go annually; everything is bigger in Texas; guns don’t kill people – people kill people; spoons don’t make people fat; and there is a definable, scientific difference between men and women.

Maybe you agreed with everything I just said, maybe you didn’t. One thing is for certain though: you cannot refute the reality that there is a definable, scientific difference between men and women.

But don’t tell that to the “enlightened” college students at Seattle University.

In the video below you will hear from student as they are asked questions about gender, and the difference between male and female. Joseph Backholm, the director of The Family Policy Institute of Washington, interviewed students to find out if there even is a difference between male and female.

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Take a look at some of the questions asked of these “educated” students and see if you can properly answer them:

“Is there a difference in your mind between men and women?”
“How do you know the difference between men and women?”
“Do you think the difference between men and women matters for any reason?”
“Then, is there a reason to have those differences?”

Now read some of the answers given to those questions by these students:

Questions 1: “umm…no, yes, possibly.” “In general, yes, but I don’t know why I think that.” “Socially, currently, yes there is. There is no need for that difference to exist scientifically and logically.” “There’s not much difference besides what society forces onto people.”

Question 2: “I don’t think there’s one way to distinguish between a man and a woman.”

Question 3: “I don’t feel it matters because at the end of the day a person is just a person.” “The difference on a social level is just a product of society.”

Question 4: “I don’t think so. I think it’s a social construct.”

I’d really like to engage these students in a conversation. Now that they’ve answered these questions in the most ridiculous way possible, I’d like to respond. My response would be: “If gender is just a social construct that is fluid and doesn’t really matter, then you would have no problem dating or marrying a person of the same gender or a transgender person. Right?”

While these students want to appear intellectually informed and inclusive (certainly not bigoted in any way), the truth is that many of them harbor the same thoughts about the gender of the person they want to marry as the rest of us. The men want to marry a woman and the women want to marry a man. That reality shows the inherent differences between men and women.

If gender really doesn’t matter to them they would be more than willing to marry someone of the same gender, or a transgender person. The reality that they are not willing to do so shows that gender is: 1 – binary, and 2 – a matter of great importance. People that act like gender is a fluid thing that doesn’t really matter are being intellectually dishonest. They are showing a bias in their thinking that allows them to say it’s no big deal – for others – but a big deal for them personally. This is easy to discover by simply asking if they would be willing to marry someone of the same gender or transgender. The answers will reveal a persons true thought on gender.

For anyone to call himself or herself educated and say that there is no scientific or logical difference between men and women is absurd. The biological difference between men and woman is a matter of scientific fact. It’s not a suggestion that can be changed – like Pluto is no longer a planet; it’s a biological certainty.

If you’re unsure of these biological differences you can click here to read a short list of inherent differences.

The truth is that men and women are inherently, biologically different from the moment of conception. Any attempt to say otherwise can only be considered unscientific rubbish. The reality that people know the difference between men and women can be clearly seen in the choice we make. We don’t call our female neighbor over to help move heavy objects because we know, inherently, that men tend to be stronger than women (exceptions exist of course). And the reason we keep men’s and women’s sports segregated is simple that men, in general, are stronger and faster than women – it would be unfair to allow males to compete on female teams. (If you don’t believe this ask yourself why there has never been a competition between any male and female pro-sports teams.)

We’re talking about physical differences. Physical differences that are biologically and intellectually irrefutable. No matter how much indoctrination a school or culture attempts to instill in people we know, deep down, that differences exist. And nothing will change that.

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