You Absolutely MUST Watch This Video: Connection Between Unborn Child and Mother

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I’ve seen a lot of videos depicting an unborn child growing in the womb. I enjoy them and find myself fascinated once again at the miracle of life; and truly it is a miracle. But the video below was exceptionally fascinating.

In this video, posted here, we learn about the connection an unborn child has with his/her mother while in the womb. We learn of how the child hears and remembers words and his/her native tongue. We discover that a mother produces different recipes of breast milk for a boy and a girl. We see that the unborn child sends stem cells to help heal the mother’s heart should it be damaged/injured. And we find out that baby boys leave behind a part of themselves in their mother’s brain.

The science in this video is amazing. It also further reiterates the fact that the pro-life position is both pro-science and pro-woman. The pro-life movement is advancing scientific studies of the unborn and releasing that science to the public. The pro-life position is standing firmly on science as a part of the foundation for our position. I can think of nothing more pro-science than defending the unborn as living human beings.

Please take a moment to watch this short video. It is spectacular and worth every second.

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