VIDEO: Do You Understand The Difference Between Traditional and Cultural Tolerance? You Need To

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josh_mcdowell02_lTake a few minutes to watch this video with Josh McDowell on Fox News to understand the difference between traditional and cultural tolerance. The difference is critical for our culture to move away from being “politically correct” and back to one of mutual respect and civility.

Apologist josh McDowell explains the difference between traditional and cultural tolerance this way:

Traditional tolerance separates the person from the action, behavior, or opinion. Traditional tolerance says, “I love you, I care about you, but I disagree with what you are saying (or how you are behaving).” But cultural tolerance does not separate the person from the words or actions and makes disagreement a personal attack. Which is, McDowell says, so many people respond with “why are you being so hateful?” when someone disagrees with them.

This is important. At one time traditional tolerance was the way of life and people had the ability to disagree civilly, with respect. Today, cultural tolerance rules our politically correct culture, making disagreements personal, rather than a matter of onion or belief. Cultural tolerance is a dangerous idea that will erase our ability to civilly discuss divergent ideas. But cultural tolerance also removes our ability to rightly judge the difference between moral good and moral evil.

McDowell explains that if we live under the idea that no one should judge anyone else, we lose the ability to “discern the difference between Mother Theresa and Osama Bin Laden.” If we refuse to use our moral faculties to properly judge the words and actions of others how can we determine whether ISIS is morally good or morally evil?

Watch the video below for a quick lesson on the difference between traditional and cultural tolerance. Then, be intentional about living according to traditional tolerance.

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