VDEO: Powerful Hip-Hop Video “Life On Mars” Confronts Definition of Life

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Je'Kob Life on Mars
An odd irony I’ve often wondered about is the various definitions of life employed by our culture. It would seem that the definition of life is fixed: if you’re alive, you’re alive. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. The most glaring example of this is seen in discussions of finding life on planet Mars.

Scientists are hoping to find life on Mars. And by life they mean any simple, single-celled organism they can deem alive. However, many of these same scientists would look at an unborn child with all of it’s millions of cells and beating heart, and refuse to admit that it is a living human being. It takes some philosophical gymnastics to arrive at that conclusion.

A new music video by a Christian hip-hop artist addresses this very hypocrisy.

Dove Award winning artist Je’Kob recently released the video for his song “Life On mars,” which discusses the definition of life. (The video is posted below.)

In the video, Je’Kob addresses the idea that bacteria found on Mars is considered “life” while a baby inside the womb is not given this protected status. He sings:

“Don’t let them find one organism, & got the nerve to call that life,
“Yet they say that my baby’s not alive until it lives outside my wife
“Why are we looking for life on Mars
“When don’t respect life on our Planet Earth, Planet Earth, Planet Earth.”

Watch the video below and share it on social media. This powerful message needs to be shared with others that are wrestling with the definition of life. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

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