Planned Parenthood Cares About Women – But Doesn’t Want Them Seeing Ultrasounds!

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4D UltrasoundPlanned Parenthood wants to keep women from seeing an ultra-sound of their baby before they make a final decision to have an abortion.

Nope, that’s not a false statement. That statement comes right out of an article reporting on events taking place in Indiana. A recent article reports:

“This new suit in Indiana seeks to block women from having the opportunity to view an ultrasound of their babies at least 18 hours in advance of an abortion so these women have ample opportunity to be informed about the new life inside of them before making abortion decisions.”

It appears that Planned Parenthood doesn’t like this law for a couple of reasons, according to the article First is that this law would reduce abortions in Indiana and, as we all know, Planned Parenthood makes most of their money from abortions. So cutting into their profit is not something they are willing to support, even if it’s good for women’s health.

Second, Planned Parenthood only has ultrasound machines at 4 of their 23 facilities in the state. So any woman needing to get an ultrasound will most likely go somewhere else, like a care pregnancy center. Of course Planned Parenthood wants women coming to their centers where they can be convinced that abortion is an option. And yet, they don’t want to show their concern for women’s health by offering ultrasounds. The article states:

“Planned Parenthood admits they only have ultrasound equipment at four of its 23 locations around the state. For an organization focused on women’s health, that is alarming. In contrast, dozens of pro-life centers throughout Indiana offer free ultrasounds to women considering abortion. These units have been purchased by gifts from thousands of Hoosiers who care deeply about women and their health, and who believe women deserve to be truly informed. This lawsuit comes at the same time as Planned Parenthood announces facility closures in Indiana. The abortion giant is using the guise of convenience in this lawsuit. In reality, this lawsuit and its closures are about profit because Planned Parenthood’s business model is built around abortion.”

The bottom line is that Planned Parenthood is, and always will be focused on abortion. They don’t care about women’s health, they simply want to do as many abortions as possible and make as much money as they can doing it.

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