VIDEO: If You’re a Christian Voting Democrat – You Need to See This

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Benham-BrothersThe following video is one that should be considered very carefully by anyone voting in the upcoming election. The message of this video is at the heart of what is at stake during this election cycle.

Often, anyone that focuses on a single issue during an election will be called myopic, or a “single issue voter.” This is never considered a good thing and people are often told to look beyond that single issue. But, in the case of the sanctity of life it is hard to “look past” a candidate as rabidly in support of abortion as Hillary Clinton.

The video, shot by David Benham, one half of the famed Benham Brothers, reminds Christians that a vote for the Democratic party (Hillary Clinton) is a vote for a radical abortion agenda. Benham states:

“Yes, they are pro-choice, but here’s what they are doing now: They have actually increased what they want to do against the unborn…They have increased the violence against the unborn…If you call yourself a Christian, and you’re voting Democrat, here’s what you’re voting for: The Democratic National Platform wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits my tax dollars from directly paying for abortion. They want to force your money and my money to directly pay for abortion.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Benham notes that the official Democratic party platform wants to also repeal the Helms Amendment, which prevents the US from sending tax dollars to foreign countries for abortion. In other words, the party of Hillary Clinton wants to use our tax money to pay for abortion in the US and across the globe.

How can any self-described Christian vote for such a candidate? Clinton believes abortion up to the moment of birth is acceptable. Clinton supports abortion on demand. Clinton wants to use your tax dollars to fund abortion, making you an accomplice to the murder of unborn children. How can a Christian be in favor of that platform?

Watch the video. Share the video. Make sure people understand what is at stake when they vote. If you plan to vote for Clinton just be aware that you will be voting for the most radical pro-abortion candidate yet. God help us.

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