Hillary Clinton Thinks “Religious Beliefs Have to be Changed” to Support Abortion

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Before you vote for Hillary Clinton, consider remarks she made in a speech saying that “religious beliefs” need to change in order to more fully encourage abortion in our culture.

A video, posted below, shares several clips of Clinton’s remarks on abortion which include her desire to see Planned Parenthood get more money, that unborn children don’t have any Constitutional rights, and that Roe v. Wade is settled law. One of the most disturbing comments she made though was that “religious beliefs…have to be changed.”

Just to be clear, Hillary Clinton supports abortion to such a radical degree that she wants those opposed to it based on their religious convictions to change their convictions. This shows how little Clinton knows about religious convictions, the Bible, and the theology that leads to being pro-life.

Clinton is under the impression that those with a theological, Biblical opposition to abortion (religious conviction) are making it up; that such people have just determined on their own to be pro-life. She has no understanding that we have understood the Bible to be pro-life and has called us to be pro-life in adherence to God’s Word. It’s God’s Word, His immutable, holy, eternal Word that asks us to respect every human life.

It is also the Bible that explains that life begins at conception. And the Bible says taking an innocent human life is murder. Therefore, taking the life of an unborn child (a human life) is murder. So the conviction that Christians adhere to is not one we made up, not one we can take or leave; it is the clear teaching of the Bible and we have no other recourse but to joyfully obey God’s Word.

Take a look at the video and see Clinton’s comments for yourself. Before you make the decision to vote for her consider if you can support her position on abortion. It is as critical and central an issue as any.

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