I Have a Joke for You and It Starts with Hillary Clinton

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ClintonHere’s a joke for you: Hillary Clinton says she is a defender of religious freedom!

I’ll admit that’s not a very good joke. It’s a joke nonetheless. Somehow Clinton manages to say silly things like that with a straight face. Even more strange is the cheers she receives from people when she makes those statements. It staggers the imagination to think how Clinton can publicly make such statements and not immediately be rebuked when you consider her other statements and actual works.

Clinton said:

“I’ve been fighting to defend religious freedom for years. As secretary of state, I made it a cornerstone of our foreign policy to protect the rights of religious minorities around the world — from Coptic Christians in Egypt to Buddhists in Tibet.”

Hmm, too bad Clinton has done absolutely nothing to defend religious freedom in America. In fact, she has been front and center in helping to erode religious liberty for American Christians. Responding to Clinton’s claims, an article at The National Review chides Clinton for her audacity:

“Clinton has made no effort to defend religious freedom here in the U.S….In fact, she has actively worked against religious minorities for the sake of her other cherished causes, specifically expansive access to abortion and the supremacy of LGBT rights.”

The article goes on to remind people that Clinton opposed the Supreme Court decision to protect Hobby Lobby from providing abortion drugs to their employees in accordance with their religious convictions. And Clinton also agrees that Catholic nuns should be required to provide abortion drugs to their employees against their religious beliefs. Does any of that sound like “defending religious freedom?”

Perhaps even more stunning is Clinton’s accusation against Donald Trump. She accused the presidential candidate of wanting to “undo centuries of American tradition and values.”

Is she even listening to herself? How can any informed person take her seriously when she makes absurd statements like these? Let’s do a little review:

For centuries the traditional definition of marriage in America has been one man and one woman. Clinton did everything she could to undermine that definition and help redefine marriage. Then she applauded and cheered when marriage was redefined. The American tradition and value of one-man one-woman marriage was changed with her help and support.

For centuries abortion was illegal and the defense of life was an American tradition and value. Clinton has done absolutely nothing to help restore that value. In fact, Clinton has been a major supporter of abortion on demand, and even supports partial-birth abortion (abortion at the moment of birth). The long-held American tradition and value of defending life has been attacked and undermined at every turn by Clinton.

But still she wants to accuse others of attacking American traditions and values. Has she looked in the mirror lately?

Clinton talks about supporting “freedom of worship” but this is not what needs defended. No one is seeking to undermine freedom of worship. You must understand the difference between “freedom of worship” and “religious freedom” because they are two very different things that matter.

Freedom of worship is the right of people to worship, as they believe inside the walls of their church. When you gather on Sunday at your house of worship and the preacher preaches from the Bible, and you sing, and pray and take communion, that is all part of freedom of worship. No one is attacking freedom of worship or seeking to tell anyone what they can or can’t teach inside the walls of their church.

Freedom of religious, or religious freedom is the right to live according to your religious convictions in public. This is the ability to refuse to fund abortion because it violates your religious convictions. This is the right to refuse to take pictures of a same-sex ceremony because it violates your freedom of speech and religious freedom rights. This is the right to believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman without fear of losing your job. It is this freedom that is most certainly under attack and Hillary Clinton is on the forefront of many of those attacks.

Consider her comment:

“… And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

She made this comment in relation to abortion. She believes it is a human right and anyone that does not agree simply needs to change his or her view. Does that sound like someone trying to defend religious freedom?

Author and speaker Eric Metaxas is taking Clinton to task for her comments. He recently commented:

“I am stunned at the level of cynicism from Hillary Clinton to make a statement like that. It’s ugly. To hear her talk about religious liberty. She is the enemy, if ever there was an enemy of religious liberty in America, it’s Hillary Rodham Clinton and every American should be frightened to death on that issue.”

I couldn’t agree more. For anyone to think that Clinton will defend religious freedom is placing your hope in a false narrative. Clinton will use every opportunity as president to continue the attacks on religious freedom started by the Obama administration. If your goal is to vote for Clinton in order to defend religious freedom, I would encourage you to do some research and see if her past voting record, policies, or even her comments suggests she will defend religious freedom. It should be an interesting study.

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