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The momentum caused by a federal judge blocking the Obama Administration’s bathroom policy is having a positive impact. People are mobilizing to put a permanent end to this terrible policy. For anyone who has ever wondered “what can I do” about such a bad policy as the bathroom bill, take a look at the suggestions from a top family advocacy group and determine which of these action points you can do.

The Family Policy Alliance works to defend traditional values with its network of advocacy groups across the United States. Recently, they published an article with four ways you can get involved in the fight to defend privacy against the bathroom bill.

What I like about the suggestions in this article is that there is something for everyone. Whether you want to take action on a large, statewide scale. Or, if you prefer to do something locally, there is something you can do to take part in protecting the privacy and dignity of our students.

One simple suggestion is for parents to “get informed” by reading several key pieces of data on the issue. For example, you can read the Obama administration’s “Dear Colleague Letter” for yourself here. Once you’re done with that, you can read a legal analysis rejecting the administration’s guidelines here. That document will share the fact that “Both federal and state courts have almost uniformly rejected arguments suggesting that Title IX requires schools to give students access to opposite-sex restrooms and changing areas.”

For those that would like to speak to school or college officials about the rights of their students, be sure to read up on the legal rights of K-12 students here, and college students here. And you can find many free resources at TrueTolerance.org.

The point is that you can do something. You can take action and seek to make a difference. If you have a child or grandchild in a school, you owe it to that child to say something. Even a letter makes a difference to a principal weighing the issue, or a school board member seeking to cast a vote. You’ve got the tools you need so now it’s time to do something.

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