Heartbroken Mother Reminds Us The Unborn Are Valuable Humans

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Father Frank Pavone, a pro-life stalwart with the Catholic Church, has often said “American will not reject abortion, until America sees abortion.”

I agree with Fr. Pavone’s statement. I also believe that people will not begin to be convinced that the unborn are truly human until they see just how human an unborn child is. Even among pro-life advocates there is still work to be done proving that the unborn are human from their earliest stages. The story and photos shared by a mother that recently lost her 17 week-old unborn daughter to miscarriage further proves without a doubt that the unborn are human.

Miranda shared her story with LifeNews.com in order to help others. She wanted people to see just how human her daughter was, even at just 17 weeks. LifeNews.com shared the biological facts that prove Miranda’s daughter is a valuable member of the human race:

At 17 weeks, her major organs were in place and functioning. Her heart had been beating for months. She already had her own unique fingerprints in place, and her teeth were beginning to develop inside her gums. Inside the womb, she probably yawned and hiccupped, and she may even have sucked her thumb.”

Take a look at the precious photos of Miranda and her daughter and be reminded that “a persons a person no matter how small.” (photos appear after the break)

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