How Much Do You Know About the (Racist, Eugenicist) Founder of Planned Parenthood?

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Margaret SangerMost people don’t know that Margaret Sanger is the founder of Planned Parenthood. Fewer still know that her intention was to reduce the population of African American and minority people while creating a “better breed” of humanity.

Planned Parenthood is hailed in the media as a noble organization. Our president has repeatedly praised Planned Parenthood and given them more tax dollars than any president in history. Hillary Clinton has also praised the abortion merchant for their work in “women’s rights.” If elected president, she will give them more of our tax dollars and make it easier for Planned Parenthood to kill unborn children.

What many people don’t know, however, is about the racist, pro-eugenics founder of the Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.

The American Life League is seeking to change that with the release of a new Life Studies Program called “Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?” The video driven study series aims to educate people on the intentions behind the world’s largest abortion merchant. The things the media and Planned Parenthood don’t want you to know are revealed. A recent article comments on the content of each video:

“The first video introduces students to Margaret Sanger and the conditions in society that led her to campaign for birth control. The second video in the series unmasks Margaret Sanger’s twisted ideas of birth control as a method of creating a ‘better breed’ of humanity—an idea which was praised by the Nazis. In the final video, students learn the impact of Sanger’s ideas on society and what they can do to build a culture of life.”

What is noteworthy is that our culture is currently seeking to remove from prominence the many historical figures that had racist dealings. Statues are being taken down, flags are being banned, and roads are being renamed. And yet, one of our nations most notoriously racist figures remains untouched. Is it because she is a woman? Or is it because she advocated for abortion? Either way it shows the selective outrage of many social-justice warriors.

If you are unfamiliar with Margaret Sanger and her abortion ideology, take a moment to learn more. Only by educating ourselves can we ensure the next generation doesn’t’ continue Margaret Sanger’s evil mission.

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