If You’re Wondering Where to Start Saving for Retirement – Look At This

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Piggy BankThis post will be a little different from most of my usual postings. However, the topic is as important as any other. In fact, perhaps no topic is more personal and critical to our every day lives. And yet it’s one topic many American struggle with and rarely seek help with.

The topic is money.

Money is something we need every day. We pay our bills, buy food, and provide shelter for our families with money. There is virtually no part of our lives that money doesn’t touch. And yet, many people struggle with managing and saving money.

The need for saving money is critical to everyone and yet it seems to be a constant struggle. Few people know about the options available to them for saving money. This is reflected in shocking statistics like 6 out of 10 Americans have less than $25,000 saved for retirement. Every person hopes to retire one day and still so many find it hard to save for that day.

Recent articles have reported that cash reserves are at all-time highs. People are keeping cash in bank accounts and other cash equivalents (CD’s and Money Market accounts) in an effort to be prepared if the economy crashes. While this might make us sleep better right now, it’s not the wisest way to plan for the future. Between taxes and inflation, keeping cash is a safe way to lose money each year. While it is highly advisable to keep some cash liquid for emergencies, keeping the majority of your assets in cash is not a good plan for preparing for, or living in retirement.

For those who are wondering where to start with investing, take a look at this article.

The article, called “The Beginner’s Guide to investing,” is a practical primer for the beginner investor. There’s a section defining terms used in the financial services industry that will make it easy to understand what a financial adviser is talking about. There’s a section explaining the different types of fees advisers can charge. And there’s a section explaining how a financial adviser can help.

The important thing is to start. Preparing for retirement doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey that takes patience, planning, and time. You cannot wait until you are 55 to start planning for retirement, it will be too late. But if you are 55, don’t wait any longer, start planning today. I hope this article is helpful.

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