My Post-Presidential Election Top 10 List for a Trump Presidency

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Election 2016Now that the election is over and we have a new president-elect in Donald Trump, I have composed my top 10 list of the thoughts I am most curious about. A Trump presidency is a mystery at this point as we are still uncertain about what, exactly, he will do. While I did not support or vote for Trump, I, like many other Americans am curious as to what this epic political upset will look like. To that end, this list is a compilation of the thoughts I am most curious about regarding Trump as well as the thoughts that occupied my mind directly after the election.

10 – The Electoral College is…terrible. I’ve watched the results of the last 3 presidential elections with curiosity as the electoral map begins to form. Go ahead, Google 2012 or 2016 electoral map and see what appears. I suppose I understand the idea behind the Electoral College but, practically speaking, it stinks. It’s time to get back to making sure every single vote counts with a popular vote. If it’s good enough for Senators, and Congressman, and Mayors, and Governors, it’s good enough for the president as well.

9 – Is the Clinton dynasty dead? For decades the Clinton’s have occupied some part of the political spotlight. From Governor to President to Secretary of State, the Clinton’s have held more offices than most. What continues to dominate headlines, however, is not any accomplishment they have contributed to America, but scandals. News of their corruption, deceit, and lawlessness has followed them from the Ozarks to Washington. This might have been the last hoorah for the Clinton machine. I can only hope so.

8 – America is tired of the liberal, biased media. During this election the mainstream media was more interested in spinning their own narrative of every issue and candidate than they were in serious journalism. They moved according to their agenda rather than reporting to the American people. This election is a sound rebuke to the media. We as Americans no longer need mainstream media outlets to obtain the news. Alternative media is just as credible as any other news outlet. Perhaps the end of social commentary by agenda driven media sources is near.

7 – Will illegal immigration be brought under control? Few people in American have a problem with immigration. But illegal immigration is a problem that Americans are tired of being told to accept. Donald Trump ran on a strong anti-illegal immigration position and Americans found common ground with him there. We should always be willing to accept people from other countries into our great land. But, there is a legal process that should be followed to ensure the safety of Americans. It will be interesting to see how Trump follows through on some of his immigration promises.

6 – What will a Trump cabinet look like? Much speculation abounds as to whom Trump will place in the high-ranking cabinet positions of his administration. My hope is that Trump will surround himself with the most gifted, talented individuals to help run the country. If he does, there is a chance America will see economic growth, greater security, and some much needed social reforms. If Trump does not get the right people in his cabinet…well…that’s another story. Check out this article for some analysis of his possible cabinet picks.

5 – Planned Parenthood might have to fund itself. It’s no secret that I am an ardent opponent of the world’s largest abortion merchant. And I really am bothered by the fact that our current administration has made you and me pay for abortion through our tax dollars. Planned Parenthood, though a “non-profit” organization, has received billions of dollars of our tax money over the last 8 years. My hope is that Trump will keep is word to be pro-life by cutting federal funding of Planned Parenthood and refusing to make pro-life Americans pay for and support abortion.

4 – Is Roe V. Wade in trouble? One of the greatest mistakes our Supreme Court ever made was to legalize abortion. For the first time since that dreaded decision, there is a slight chance that it will be overturned. What that will look like is undetermined but any step in the direction of defending life for the unborn will be welcomed by a strong majority of Americans. We cannot continue to deny the humanity of the unborn and the fact that they are being murdered in the womb. Which reminds me…

3 – How many Supreme Court justices will Trump nominate? Trump will nominate at least one justice to fill the honorable seat of justice Antonin Scalia. Trump has promised to nominate pro-life justices and, with the help of a Republican controlled House and Senate, those justices will most likely be confirmed. With an aging Ginsburg and Kennedy there is actually a chance Trump will nominate 3 justices. If successful there is a chance the Supreme Court could lean right for a generation. That is more than an admirable goal, it’s a moral must.

2- Self-described evangelicals are still the “silent majority.” It has been reported that white evangelicals propelled Trump to the White House. It seems that evangelicals took to the polls in numbers not seen since 2004 to either support Trump or oppose Clinton. Regardless of the impetus for their voting, self-identified Christians proved that they are indeed a “silent majority” that has the power to elevate or defeat a candidate. That is something most analysts and pundits missed leading up to the election.

1 – God is still sovereign and He is unimpressed. There was shock and awe early Wednesday morning as it became clear that Trump had pulled off a political upset not seen since Reagan. And yet Almighty god sat on His throne unimpressed and unsurprised by anything that took place. In His perfect sovereignty, God not only knew that Trump would win, God ordained that Trump would win. Why did God allow Trump to win? I don’t know. I’m not God. But I know that God’s sovereignty means that nothing happens in the universe without God approval. While this might be hard to understand, I take comfort in knowing that God is in perfect and absolute control of everything that takes place. There is comfort, peace, and joy knowing that God controls the universe with his perfect will. So while shock ruled the day after the election, God continued to be God.

BONUS: Mike Pence is our new Vice President. I have a lot of respect for Mike Pence. He is a solid pro-life Christian that makes no apologies for his faith but holds it out as a central part of his life. Pence will be a credit to a Trump presidency in many ways. Perhaps Pence will one day run for president himself. I would vigorously support him as a candidate.

BONUS 2: I wonder if all those celebrities that promised to move to Canada if Trump won will keep their word? Do you think it’s actually possible that Al Sharpton, Whoopie Goldberg, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Cher, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer and many others will move to Canada? Check out this article for a complete list of celebrities that promised to vacate if Trump won.

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