Some of the Top Articles Concerning Life and Abortion in 2016

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Defund Planned ParenthoodIt’s that time of year when people spend some time looking back at the past year and reflecting. To say that 2016 was an interesting year would be an understatement. It was a year filled with many surprises on the socio-political front. However, one thing remained, the issue of life continued to be one of the issues Americans cared most about.

A majority of Americans continue to support greater abortion restrictions and want to see fewer abortions. The election cycle did nothing to diminish the desire of pro-life advocates to see life protected at its most vulnerable stages. Americans believed that their vote would either protect the unborn or further jeopardize the unborn.

In a surprise that some are still recovering from, the most pro-abortion candidate in American history lost the election. Pro-life advocates were excited to see a candidate win in November that promised to nominate pro-life justices to the court. The hope that unborn children would be protected has gained strength and momentum post-election.

One pro-life outlet that I follow regularly recently did a look back and their top 10 headlines from 2016 and it’s no surprise that 40% of those headlines involved political candidates and the election. Take a look at the list of headlines below and you will realize how broad the issue of life is in our culture. It involves the unborn, the ill, and the aged. The issue of life stretches from the White House to the Church house. This is an issue that touches every aspect of our life and culture and continues to leave a lasting impression on us all.

Let’s hope that 2017 will be a better year for life and that more people will see the importance of defending life for the most vulnerable of our society.

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