VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Admits They Don’t Offer Prenatal Care

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Defund Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood has often said that they are a “women’s health” organization. They have, in the past claimed to provide services that they simply do not provide, such as mammograms. After years of hearing Cecile Richards say that Planned Parenthood offered mammogram services, she was forced to admit before Congress that they do not.

Then again, lying about what they do seems to be in the Planned Parenthood code of conduct.

For instance, a new video is making headlines for showing Planned Parenthood staffers admitting that they do not offer prenatal care or ultrasounds to women not getting an abortion.

So, let’s get this straight. Planned Parenthood has repeatedly told the public that they need federal funding in order to continue their many services, such as prenatal care and ultrasounds. They have repeatedly claimed to care for women’s health and perform “many” services other than abortion. But, with all their bravado, they, in fact, do not offer mammograms, do not offer prenatal care, and do not offer ultrasounds.

So what exactly does Planned Parenthood do?

The simple and short answer: abortions.

Rep. Diane Black, in a recent press conference, made this very clear:

“Planned Parenthood is not about preventive health care – this is an abortion enterprise. Last fall, Americans went to the polls and rejected Planned Parenthood’s callous extremism. Now, it’s time for Congress to do the same. Planned Parenthood should consider today’s press conference as notice: the days of their organization receiving a free ride from taxpayers and a blind eye from Washington are coming to an end.”

The video exposing Planned Parenthood yet once again for lying to the public, was released by Live Action and has been viewed millions of times online. Live Action said they contract 97 Planned Parenthood clinics asking for prenatal care. Of those they contacted, 92 turned them away. And when they asked for an ultrasound to check the health of the baby, only 3 out of 68 were able to help.

After the video was released and viewed so many times, Planned Parenthood removed the word “prenatal” from their list of services on the website.

Look, if you want to be an abortion supporter, fine. But don’t be so dishonest as to say Planned Parenthood is anything but an abortion provider. Don’t insult our intelligence by trying to convince us that Planned Parenthood does anything other than abortions. The evidence will make any such claim look foolish.

And please don’t be so naïve as to claim that these videos are “selectively edited.” When you look at the footage it is plain and clear. There is no room to edit this footage in a way that makes the Planned Parenthood staff say anything other than what they are saying. Live Action has no reason to edit the footage when the staffers are admitting what we already know.

The reality is that Planned Parenthood is nothing more than an abortion service. This is what they do. This is all they do. And, frankly, I don’t see why they don’t admit it. If abortion is so wonderful and nothing that anyone should be ashamed of, why does Planned Parenthood keep lying about the fact that abortion is all they do? Why aren’t they honest enough with people to say abortion is all they do if they are so proud of their abortion services?

Could it be that Planned Parenthood can’t survive without federal funding? Could it be that abortion is being restricted more and more on the state level because people increasingly see it as unnecessary and harmful and want it restricted. Could the fact that Planned Parenthood is closing clinics across the country every year be a concern? Is this why they rely so much on federal funding, because they can’t stand alone?

Take a look at the video for yourself. Be honest enough to admit that Planned Parenthood doesn’t do anything to support “women’s health.” Have enough honesty in yourself to say that Planned Parenthood is an abortion business. And be respectful enough to admit that people like me, people that believe abortion is a moral evil, should not have to pay for abortion with our tax dollars.

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