Pro-Life Teen Responds to Teen Vogue Abortion Article in Powerful Video

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Image credit: Students for Life America

It is unthinkable to me that abortion would be marketed to teenagers as “no big deal.” Among the many things that teenagers will deal with as they grow and mature, abortion should not be one. But, to tell them abortion is a nonchalant experience is reprehensible.

Teen Vogue recently decided to tell their young readers that abortion was nothing to be concerned about. In fact, the folks at Teen Vogue want abortion to be so nonchalant that people buy gifts for their friends who have an abortion and treat it like a celebration. Seriously

Sadly, in their attempt to create “girl power” among their readers they, like many abortion supporters, failed to realize that they are encouraging the death of many unborn girls. That irony is lost on so many in the modern “feminist” movement. While they rally and campaign for women’s right they also champion one of the greatest female holocausts in history.

But one teen is fighting back. The video below features Autumn, a 16 year old pro-life advocate. She decided to confront Teen Vogue for their despicable treatment of abortion. Autumn opens by telling Teen Vogue that since their ad was aimed at teens her age, she would like to respond to the ad. Her opening remark is that, despite what Teen Vogue tells their readers, “abortion is a big deal.”

Autumn is the abortion industry’s worst nightmare: a young woman with a pro-life conscience. Thankfully, Autumn is not alone. She is one of the many millions of women that have rejected the lies of the abortion industry and are fighting to defend the unborn. She is a terror to the abortion industry because already, at a young age, she is convicted by the reality that the unborn are human lives that deserve to be defended.

Take a moment to watch this well-reasoned response to Teen Vogue and the abortion industry. Be encouraged that a great majority of young millennials are pro-life and have soundly rejected the false narrative of abortion on demand fed to them by Planned Parenthood and their shills like Teen Vogue. Share this video with others as a testimony to the unborn and the defense of human life.

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