President Trump Rewards Pro-Life Voters by Removing Obama Era Rule

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President TrumpPresident Donald Trump appears to be keeping his word and rewarding pro-life voters that helped put him office. His latest pro-life “thank-you” allows states to defund Planned Parenthood.

Pro-life votes are seeing fruit from their decision to put Donald Trump in the White House. After 8 years of seeing virtually no remotely pro-life bill signed into law by President Obama, several executive orders and now a senate bill have given pro-life Americans optimism.

House Joint Resolution 43 allows states to withhold federal money from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers if they choose. Since a majority of Americans don’t think tax money should be used to fund abortion, the new legislation is one that is sure to find bi-partisan support.

The Obama administration barred states from withholding federal funding from Planned Parenthood with a rule issued by the Department of Health and Human Services in December of 2016, just a few weeks before Obama left office. This is not terribly surprising, as Obama stands as the most pro-abortion president in American history.

But in his first few weeks in office, President Donald Trump has already made a pro-life impact with several actions, which, according to a recent article include:

  • Trump signed an executive order Jan. 23 to reinstate the Mexico City Policy, which bans federal funds for organizations that perform or promote abortions overseas.
  • The State Department announced April 3 it would not forward congressionally approved money to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) because of its partnership with a Chinese population-control program that includes forced abortions and sterilizations.

Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission applauded the passing of this resolution:

“It is a travesty that any taxpayer money goes to support the exploitive work of Planned Parenthood. State legislatures that seek to prevent that from happening should be respected, not thwarted by federal allies of the abortion industry. I’m thankful for this reversal and pray for the day soon when abortion providers would not operate on any cent of public money.”

This new resolution is common sense. Title X funding the funding that is earmarked for family planning services should go to organizations that offer comprehensive services. Planned Parenthood primarily offers abortion services. As the largest abortion merchant in the world, Planned Parenthood offers virtually no other service other than abortion and still tries to call itself a “family planning” organization. Other organizations offer breast exams, prenatal care for parents that want to keep their baby, sonograms, cancer screenings, and other valuable services. Planned Parenthood just offers abortion.

Writing at LifeNews, Steven Ertelt explains that defunding Planned Parenthood will not adversely affect women seeking health care:

“In a statement released after he signed the bill, a top Planned Parenthood executive made the false claim that somehow revoking Planned Parenthood funding would prevent women from accessing health care. Never mind that Planned Parenthood predominantly does abortions and does not provide mammograms and rarely provides prenatal care for women who are pregnant. And never mind the fact that women can access health care from any other doctor, hospital or medical center apart from Planned Parenthood.”

It is a patently false claim for Planned Parenthood to say that cutting their funding will remove women’s access to health care. Access to health care is available at many other hospitals, clinics, and centers nationwide. Furthermore, cutting funding to Planned Parenthood doesn’t mean they have to close, they, like other non-profits, only need to raise their own support. If they are as valuable as they say they are, they will have no trouble raising their support among their communities.

What Planned Parenthood knows, what they don’t want others to know is that without federal subsidies they would have to close most of their “clinics.” The funding they receive pays for most of their operating costs sot hey can allocate revenue towards providing abortion services. Without federal funding to pay their massive salaries, bonuses, and operating costs, their budget would shrink and result in clinics closing.

Planned parenthood’s faux outrage over this new legislation by President Trump is not really about “access to healthcare” for women. It’s about money and abortion. If they don’t get more money they can’t do more abortions. If Planned Parenthood really cared about women’s health care they would offer more comprehensive services in their clinics. Services such as mammograms, cancer screenings, and prenatal care for women planning to keep their unborn child would be a priority. But these services are either not offered at all, or only offered at a few clinics. So much for caring about “women’s health care.”

Anyone that has paid attention to the news surrounding for any length of time knows that Planned Parenthood is a criminal abortion organization that only cares about two things: money and abortions.

Planned Parenthood will go to any lengths to kill unborn children, including violating federal and state laws to sell aborted baby body parts. There is no room for a despicable organization like Planned Parenthood in our society. And there should be no room in the federal budget to fund them. It’s time to cut the federal cord and let Planned Parenthood stand on their own merits. Or fall.

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