Settled Science: You Can Be Either Male or Female

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male or femaleLet me start by saying I love the differences between men and women. I know that’s probably not a popular thing to say in our culture as we are supposed to downplay the differences between the sexes. Not me, I like the differences and I like celebrating our differences.

Up until about 10 years ago it was normal, popular even, to celebrate the differences between the sexes. Routinely within our culture we praised men for certain things and women for other things. This, despite the growing assault of the feminist movement, was nothing that would capture headlines.

Then things changed.

Suddenly, gender was not as binary as people thought. You weren’t just a man or a woman, you were, potentially both, or neither. Maybe you even experienced life as both on some days. Social media sites, attempting to placate the cries of a few radicals, adopted numerous gender options for people to “identify” with in order to make sure everyone was included. And life as we know it, man and woman, has never been the same.

Now you can truly be “anything you want to be.” That no longer just applies to your “dream job,” it applies to your gender. Are you a man that really wants to be a woman? No problem. Are you a woman that wants to be a man and a woman? Sure. Are you gender fluid, moving seamlessly between man and woman on a daily basis? Cool. In fact, you can even be non-binary. That just means you don’t identify as male, female, or anything else, you just…exist.

We’ve certainly come a long way.

Whereas 30 years ago people believed you were either male or female. Today some people believe you can be either, or, both, and, or nothing at all. But science still says you are either a man or a woman.

Science is only invoked these days if it supports the liberal narrative being pushed. For example, climate “science” is constantly being talked about because it really helps push the climate alarmism of the liberal narrative. But the science that reiterates the humanity of the unborn, thus making abortion an act of torture and murder of a human life, that science is ignored. The transgender movement faces similar opposition from anyone that wants to talk about the “science” behind gender.

A new study, however, is challenging that liberal narrative of transgenderism.

Anyone willing to still admit that there is only two genders – male and female – is being cast as a bigot or a “transphobe” for their narrow-minded and “out of touch” views. But science, that pesky discipline only concerned with facts, continues to prove that regardless of our culture’s feelings, the truth is that people can only be either male or female.

The study, from the Weizmann Institute of Science, found that more than 20% of the genes in the human genome were specific to one gender. This means that depending on which gender a person was, certain genes were present and noticeably absent in the other gender. A recent article presents some of the findings from the study:

“For example, they found genes that were highly expressed in the skin of men relative to that in women’s skin, and they realized that these were related to the growth of body hair. Gene expression for muscle building was higher in men; that for fat storage was higher in women,” the report explained. The researchers also discovered that harmful sex-specific genes, such as those that make a person infertile, are less likely to be ‘weeded out’ of the gene pool — especially in men. The more a gene was specific to one sex, the less selection we saw on the gene. And one more difference: This selection was even weaker with men.”

The study goes on to explain that differences between the sexes can be grouped into six categories:

  1. Testis overexpressed genes in men
  2. Prostate overexpressed genes in men
  3. Reproductive system overexpressed genes in women
  4. Skin-specific overexpressed genes in men
  5. Brain tissue overexpressed genes in women
  6. Mainly gland and brain tissue overexpressed genes, in men or women

The study further emphasizes the scientific evidence that there is a biological difference between men and women and, despite anyone’s most sincere wishes, no one can change their gender or be more than one gender. In fact, it becomes clear from this study that the differences that make us male and female are the things that no operation, no doctor, will be able to change; they are the things built into our very genetic code.

The physical differences between the sexes should not be criticized they should be celebrated. Those physical differences are what make us unique in our own ways. The false belief that one can change his or her gender should also not be celebrated. It is a dangerous idea that will only lead people to greater harm of himself or herself.

While the narrative continues to be pushed in our culture that a person can be any gender they want – or no gender at all, science makes it clear that gender is a fixed part of our identity and denying that truth is ignoring science.

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