LGBT Group Can’t Handle St. Louis Cardinals Inviting Christian to Speak at Christian Family Day

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Lance BerkmanComments by LGBT activists prove that diversity and inclusion are just words.

It seems LGBT activists are always talking about diversity and inclusion. They want everyone to feel welcomed, accepted, and supported. Whether you are male and identify as female, or you are attracted to both sexes, or you just have questions about your gender and sexuality; everyone is welcome.

Well, everyone except Christians.

The LGBT pride organization Pride St. Louis is crying “foul” over the decision of the St. Louis Cardinals to host former player Lance Berkman for their annual Christian family Day. The group says that Berkman, an outspoken Christian, made comments they don’t like and therefore, should not be allowed to speak.

The issue started when Berkman voiced his opposition to a Houston city ordinance that would allow transgender people to use whatever bathroom they wish, regardless of their biological gender. Berkman shared his concern by stating the position held by a majority of Christians, and even many non-Christians in the U.S. He said:

“The issue is, what to do about a 15 or 16-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl and wants to shower with the girls. Maybe he is [transgender], maybe he’s confused. But I wouldn’t want him in the shower with my daughters. We shouldn’t have the rights of 2 percent of the population trump the rights of the other 98 percent.”

Because of these comments, which Pride St. Louis calls “divisive and demeaning,” they are asking the St. Louis Cardinals to disinvite Berkmen from speaking at the Christian Family Day.

Let’s put a little perspective on this.

The Cardinals are hosting “Christian Family Day” during which they will invite Christian families to come to the ballpark and enjoy a game together. After the game, they will invite all those that want to stay to hear Berkman speak about the roll his Christian faith played in his life as a major league ball player. There’s a couple of notable things to consider here.

First, this is a Christian Family Day at Cardinals stadium. Presumably the message will be delivered by a Christian and that person will deliver a Christian message. Berkman holds to the majority Christian view concerning the transgender bathroom issue. For Pride St. Louis to oppose a Christian delivering a Christian message at Christian Family Day is about as absurd as you can get. This might be hard for Pride St. Louis to understand but this day isn’t about them. I know our culture seems bent on making everything about sexuality, gender, and ensuring that everything in every place supports LGBT people at all times. But, that’s not what this day is about. This day is dedicated to Christian families and the speaker will deliver a Christian message and there is nothing for Pride St. Louis to be upset about.

But that leads to the second thing to consider: if Pride St. Louis finds Lance Berkman offensive, they can simply not come. Each year the Cardinals host many days for individual groups. These groups include Christians, Jews, Catholics, LGBT people, Hispanics, and Bosnians. They are truly seeking to be “inclusive” by holding as many days for as many groups as they can. If someone is offended by a group being hosted, or by a speaker scheduled, that person can simply choose not to go to the game on that day. For example, if the Cardinals were hosting LGBT pride day and the speaker scheduled was Dan Savage, I certainly would not attend. I find Savage to be a highly offensive person that has made terribly offensive comments about Christians and other people of faith. So I simply would not go.

Pride St. Louis has every right to advise its supporters not to attend the game on the day Lance Berkman is speaking. And that would be the proper, tolerant, inclusive, and civil response. But as we can see, many LGBT groups are not interested in being tolerant, inclusive, or civil. They want nothing more than to see every person that does not support the LGBT agenda marginalized and ran out of society. According to Pride St. Louis, Lance Berkman must never be allowed to speak publicly again.

In a twist or irony, Pride St. Louis issued a statement asking the Cardinals to partner with their group “to promote love, diversity, and inclusion.”

Apparently Pride St. Louis is highly interested in promoting “love, diversity, and inclusion” as long as it does not involve Christians. The love they offer is only to those that unquestionably support their agenda. Even though Christians would be quick to offer love to people that disagree and even reject them, the same can’t be said for Pride St. Louis. Their efforts at diversity also only go so far as to include people that agree with them. The fact that millions of faith groups around the country do not agree with their views means that Pride St. Louis is not interested in greater diversity.

When words and actions contradict one another we have to look to the actions as the true representation of a persons (or groups) views. The fact that Pride St. Louis is actively seeking to have Lance Berkman disinvited as the speaker for the Cardinals’ Christian Family Day shows that they are not really interested in diversity and inclusion. They are simply interested in making everyone agree with them whether they want to or not.

That doesn’t seem very loving.

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