Planned Parenthood Has Some Advice for Your Pre-Schooler

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GenderWhen will Planned Parenthood admit that its an abortion business and stop pretending to care about “women’s health”?

You know that bad penny that won’t go away?

Or, the leftovers that never seem to get eaten?

Or even the cockroaches that you can’t get rid of?

That’s how I would describe Planned Parenthood. An evil empire bent on killing as many unborn children as possible while making taxpayers foot the bill. In recent months Planned Parenthood has been forced to admit that they don’t really offer prenatal services to expecting mothers. As they try to remain relevant in the public eye amidst revelations that they primarily offer abortion services, Planned Parenthood is getting desperate.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards lashed out against republicans for daring to strip their federal funding; even though a massive majority of Americans say tax money should not be used to fund abortion. Or maybe she’s just upset that poll after poll shows Americans are becoming more pro-life with each passing year. She could still be mad about those videos released to the public showing that her top executives actively seek to sell aborted baby body parts despite clear federal bans on such practices. Evidently she has a lot to be mad about.

If you thought that Planned Parenthood couldn’t stoop any lower into the sewer of culture, you clearly don’t know this criminal organization. Planned Parenthood recently released new guidelines and talking points for talking with kids about sex and gender. In case you didn’t know, this is the last group of people you want involved in any discussion with your kids about sex and gender. If you’re not sure whether this is true or not, consider:

“Under a subhead called ‘How do I talk to my preschooler about identity?’ the organization recommends the following: When it comes to gender, ideas about what it means to be a girl or a boy are everywhere, and these ideas have a big influence on your preschooler. Learn how to teach your kid that their gender doesn’t limit them, how to talk about different kinds of families, how to know if your kid is transgender, and more.”

The “more” at the end of that statement includes such pieces of profound, biologically accurate statements like this:

“Boy, girl, man, and woman are words that describe gender identity, and some people with the gender identities ‘boy’ or ‘man’ have vulvas, and some with the gender identity ‘girl’ or ‘woman’ have penises/testicles…Your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl.”

The fact that Planned Parenthood wants to have these discussions with preschool children is absurd. There is nothing healthy or helpful about engaging a child that barely strings coherent sentences together in such dialogue. It is entirely inappropriate. The fact that Planned Parenthood thinks they are the best people to be talking to kids about anything related to gender and sexuality is also absurd.

I can already imagine people shaking their heads and saying that I must be “one of those prude’s” that doesn’t talk to my kids about anything and tries to shelter them from the world. I suppose in today’s culture if you aren’t having the “birds and bees” conversation with your kids by the time they are done nursing then you must be a prude. And certainly if you aren’t encouraging your kids to explore their sexuality and gender fluidity as they enter Kindergarten, you are clearly suppressing your child’s sexual expression. I’m sure that’s how the lovely and “enlightened” folks at Planned Parenthood see it.

I see things a little differently.

I do talk to my kids about gender. I make sure my boys know that wearing a dress is only for girls. And I make sure my daughter knows that running around with no shirt on is only for boys. I use phrases like “sit like a lady” with my daughter also. Because there is actually a way to sit that is proper for a lady wearing a dress. My boys think pink is a girl’s color. I didn’t tell them that they concluded it on their own and I’m okay with it. I don’t have a nagging desire to change their mind because…it’s a color and I don’t care that much whether they like pink or not.

And while I haven’t specifically had to tell my kids “boys have a penis and girls have a vagina,” they have figured it out. I think they figured it out due to their biological and anatomical differences. It came as a result of observation, which I’m told is called science. I simply affirm what they already know about themselves: my boys are boys, not girls; and my daughter is a girl, not a boy. I understand that making such statements in our gender-fluid society makes me a terrible person. I’m okay with that. I prefer to live in a world where the science of gender, observable and biological facts related to a persons gender, is the basis for the pronouns we use. This is far more preferable than the feelings, imagination, or any other arbitrary and made-up basis people want to use.

I will say this, and it might be the only time I ever make this statement: I agree with Planned Parenthood on one thing. Planned Parenthood made this statement that I can get behind:

“Conversations about sex and masturbation not only give you an opportunity to share accurate information with your kid, they’re also an opportunity to talk about your values. Your values influence how you talk about it, so think ahead of time about what messages you want to send.”

The irony in this statement coming from Planned Parenthood is too much to ignore. The truth of this statement also can’t be ignored. When parents, the people that should be talking about sex with their kids, have honest conversations with their children, it allows them to share scientifically accurate, values based information. Parents should take the opportunity to speak honestly with their kids, instruct them, and impart their values.

I wouldn’t let Planned Parenthood near my kids to talk about anything, especially sex. But I appreciate this one tiny bit of advice.

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