Pro-Life Medical Professionals Should “Promote” Abortion

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Baby PartsBy utilizing a tactic pushed by abortion advocates I think we can reduce abortions and win more to the side of life.

A new law in Illinois seeks to force pro-life doctors and even pregnancy centers to provide information on abortion and where to obtain an abortion. Pro-life advocates are fighting the law, saying it violates their religious freedom and conscious protections. I agree. But I also see this as an opportunity for pro-life advocates to spread the message of life.

A recent article explains the situation in Illinois:

“Last year, the state of Illinois passed a law requiring all doctors, pharmacists and pregnancy centers to assist pregnant women in getting abortions, even if they are morally or religiously opposed. SB 1564 amends the state’s Health Care Right of Conscience Act and compels pro-life doctors and clinics to provide information about abortion and to refer patients to health care providers who will perform abortions.”

One doctor, an obstetrician, is fighting the new law saying it violates his religious convictions and conscience rights. He recently told Tucker Carleson:

“I’m an obstetrician, so by the very nature, I have two patients: the mother and a baby. And it’s ludicrous to think
that I could refer my patients off, one to be executed and the other to be mortally wounded for the rest of her life with a sense of regret.”

He’s right. He does have two patients, and his job is to serve both of those patients. He’s right to oppose the law and defend his right to live and do business according to his religious conviction. But, what if sharing information about abortion and informing his patients of what abortion is could actually further strengthen the pro-life position in our culture?

Let me explain.

Father Frank Pavone has said for yearsAmerica will not reject abortion until America sees abortion.”

He is referring to the graphic images of aborted children that are so often covered up by abortion advocates. Groups like Planned Parenthood work very hard to make sure people to don’t see what abortion looks like, or the aftermath of the abortion procedure. As people see what an aborted child looks like and the harm caused to women by the abortion procedure, they turn to wards life.

What if doctors could play a critical role in helping people to understand the need to defend life by showing
people abortion? If pro-abortion advocates want doctors to “provide information” to their patients about abortion, then I say show them what abortion looks like. Show videos of the D&C procedure so women can see for themselves what an abortion looks like, and what it does to the unborn child.

Doctors could also share abortion stats, including how many women are harmed in abortion each year as opposed
to women that give birth with no medical complications. This could be a powerful counter to the abortion industry’s false claim that abortion is safer than pregnancy and delivery.

Doctors could also share with women ho abortion is used to cover up sex trafficking, rape, and sexual abuse. Planned Parenthood doesn’t want people to know that they are happy to abort any child, even if it means covering up a crime such as rape and sex trafficking. But members of the medical profession that support life could be a powerful voice for those victims.

The medical community could also share with women how Planned Parenthood advocates for abortion on minors without parental consent. This would be excellent “information” for a pro-life doctor to share with women so they can be aware of the danger Planned Parenthood poses for their daughters. I suggest that all pro-life doctors, pregnancy centers, and medical professionals in Illinois to comply with this law. And medical professionals in other states should follow suit.

If the abortion industry wants people to be“ informed” about abortion, then I say we share all the information we can with people. And, as people learn the ugly, evil truth about abortion, I believe we will see the pro-life position further strengthened in our country and, as Fr. Pavone said, America will reject abortion. If more pro-life doctors and medical professionals begin sharing “information” on abortion with their patients, it won’t be long before groups like Planned Parenthood seek to hide abortion from the public eye. They will seek to keep it hushed, and demand that no doctor ever tell anyone about abortion. Because the truth is, Planned Parenthood and many abortion providers are predatory.

They prey upon people that don’t have a lot of information. They seek to perform abortions quickly; with little to no patient interaction because they know that if they actually explain abortion to women that far more women will reject abortion. This is also why statistically; women that have an abortion are less likely to have a second abortion. I think abortion advocates and pro-abortion lawmakers in Illinois made a big mistake. They may have opened the door to the
downfall of abortion in Illinois (and perhaps America) with this legislation. If we utilize the opportunity we can make a lasting impact for life. They just don’t know it yet.

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