This Might Be the Most Stunning Video of an Unborn Baby I’ve Ever Seen!

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Baby VideoI have watched numerous videos depicting the process of pregnancy. I’ve watched animated videos of baby’s forming over the course of 9 months in the womb that have been really well done. But, I must say, that the video posted below might be the most visually stunning and detailed depiction of pregnancy that I have ever seen.

In the span of  just 4 minutes we get to watch the process from conception to birth. The combination of attention grabbing music and breathtaking imagery makes this video enjoyable to watch; and it goes by very quickly.

But, the science behind this video is amazing to understand. When we think of a living human being being formed inside another human being we should pause to enjoy the awe of that reality. We breathe air. These tiny people breathe through the umbilical cord. We eat by putting food in our mouth and chewing and swallowing. The unborn are nourished by their mother through the umbilical cord.

Beyond these we get to see the amazing formation of another human being in incredible detail. We are reminded that our biological gender is fixed before we are born. And that our eye and hair color is determined before we take our first breathe outside the womb. WE come to understand that we are not merely a “blob of cells,” as we are often told by the abortion industry. We are a human being with a beating heart, working eyes and ears, and a brain that thinks and feels.

Dave Andrusko, the editor of National Right to Life News, reminded us of just how busy and active the unborn in his article at

“You see examples of the behavior expectant parents can now see on 4-D ultrasounds: the smiles, the yawning, the swallowing of amniotic fluid, the nibbling on the toes, the movement to gain maneuvering room as the child grows larger. I’m sure I’ve probably seen this before, but this video does a very nice job of conveying the last part of the baby’s journey: moving down through the birth canal.”

Take a minute, or 4 minutes, and watch this stunning video. Then share it with others, post it to social media, and remind people that even the smallest, most vulnerable among us is a beautiful human being deserving life.

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