VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Destroys Abortion Advocates Argument During UC Berkeley Visit

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Ben ShapiroConservative firebrand Ben Shapiro exposes the logical deficiency of the pro-abortion position.

The video below is not for the logically challenged, reason-void, or any other person lacking the ability to understand coherent arguments. What the video below is for, is to show the absurdity of the pro-abortion position.

When Ben Shapiro came to the UC Berkeley campus it was to much media attention and fanfare. UC Berkeley is not known as a campus that champions free speech and diversity of ideas. In recent years it has become ground zero in many respects for liberal indoctrination, safe spaces, intolerance, and snowflake culture. In short, it’s not the kind of place Ben Shapiro will find a warm welcome.

Nonetheless Shapiro went to speak and answer questions from students.

One exchange in particular has captured the attention of media that are calling it an “epic takedown” of the pro-abortion position.

The student asked why Shapiro thought a “First-trimester fetus has human value?”

The fact that Shapiro has to answer such a question is perplexing. I wonder if the student actually heard the words that came out of his mouth. I wonder if anyone restated his question in a scientific way: “Why does a human being have human value?” Suddenly it doesn’t sound all that intelligent.

The student stated that he believes that sentience is what gives value and not merely being a human. What he is confessing is that those there should be a right to kill anyone that does not meet his definition of sentience. So Shapiro challenged this notion and sought to show the student how dangerous his line of thinking is. Shapiro asked:

Ok, so when you’re asleep, can I stab you?” The student said no.

Ok, if you are in a coma from which you may awake, can I stab you?” Shapiro pressed. The student replied; “But that’s still potential sentience!

Then Shapiro dropped a truth bomb that detonated on impact and caused immediate applause from the audience:

Do you know what else has potential sentience? Being a fetus.

It would be hard to show my face in public after a takedown like that. No doubt this student thought he would corner Shapiro and use philosophy to argue for killing unborn human beings. But, what this student, and most likely his professors do not understand, is that there is no philosophy, no logic, no argument that can justify murdering an innocent person.

Shapiro made it clear that if you create a line that says it is acceptable to kill unborn people at a certain point, the same line can and will be used to kill adults.

Watch the short video and consider the argument used by Shapiro to defend life.

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