An Open Letter to Hollywood Regarding Ratings (And Morality)

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HollywoodDear Hollywood,

You’ve got a problem. It’s a big problem costing millions. The headlines are all talking about it and sharing a lot of details that I am certain you won’t like. They’re talking about the major flops that have come out of your studios this year and the millions (maybe billions?) in lost revenue.

Here’s where I think the problem started.

You thought that since everyone loved going to the movies that you could produce whatever you wanted. You could include all the filthy language, graphic sex, violence, and anything else you wanted and we would simply accept it. And, for a while, we did. We went to the movies, we rented them, and we watched just about anything you were willing to produce. It was our mistake to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume a movie was just a movie.

But our mistake emboldened you to produce movies with even greater graphic sex and violence. You assumed that since we were watching that you had carte blanche to create whatever twisted picture you could imagine. So the endless stream of graphic horror movies and sex-filled drama’s started rolling. Then, it really got crazy.

I suppose you got bored with those sex and gore movies as your desire to be politically active grew. So you started inserting your political viewpoints into movies. You even produced movies that were nothing more than thinly veiled political propaganda films. And while you gathered 12 times a year to pat each other on the back and give each other awards, you didn’t notice that we were going to the movies less and less.

While you congratulated yourself on a well done political message with shallow character development and tired plot lines, we were doing other things. We were doing game night with our kids instead of movie night, or watching classic cartoons because even as adults we love the cartoons that made our childhood great. But you didn’t notice that your films were flopping and sales were down. It became obvious that you didn’t notice when you continued to produce politically charged films that would naturally alienate at least half the population (probably more).

You really didn’t notice that films with no political undertones and family friendly films were doing great at the box office. People flocked to fun-filled movies with positive messages, no political agenda’s, and even films with themes of faith. But you didn’t care. Like any good socialist, you just knew that you knew what was best for us.

So we stopped watching movies.

We did find a use for them though. We used them to teach our kids that what is depicted in the movies doesn’t represent real life. We countered the “values” you taught in your political propaganda films with real life teaching of conservative values we earnestly desire for our kids. We told them “Hollywood is fake. Most people don’t really agree with what they say.” And as you continued to give yourself more awards we even stopped watching you congratulate yourself. But your narcissism prevented you from noticing.

Your mistake, was thinking you could shove any message you wanted down our throats and we would gladly eat it up and ask for more. You didn’t realize that we have the ability to watch a movie and entirely discount the message you were presenting. You actually thought that what you were producing represented the views of most Americans. Somehow, in your self-aggrandizing, you ignored the fact that people don’t care about your views.

But you proved that you didn’t know we didn’t care about your views by making political campaign adds. You sent your biggest and brightest stars to stump for the candidates you supported as if that was all that was needed to ensure a victory. You lacked substance and relied on superficial “star power” to demand that we support your choice for political office. Then you sat, completely stumped, when we ignored you.

Seriously? Are you really so oblivious as to think just because you are a “movie star” that we would agree with whatever you say? As if all you needed to get a candidate elected was to get the endorsement of one of your film star buddies? That’s like telling people you know your mechanic is the best because you’re a dentist. It’s absurd.

But the straw that just might break this tired old camel’s back is your “moral outrage” over conservative values. For decades you have tried to shame people into abandoning their conservative moral positions. You have memorialized every immoral action under the sun and told us how “heroic” it is. Your talking heads have repeatedly blasted anyone disagreeing with your “moral outrage” while you actively end the careers of men and women brave enough to espouse a different view.

And you did this while keeping the secrets of sexual deviants and abusers.

We’re done with you, Hollywood. Your “Golden Age” has long been over because you forgot that you’re just entertainers. You became entitled brats demanding we agree with every word out of your mouth “and, oh yeah, watch my movie.” You became hypocrites that gladly depicted one thing in a movie while espousing another belief in the news. We just can’t stomach that kind of forked-tongue behavior anymore.

If you want to fly around the world on private jets with motorcades then don’t tell us “climate change is real.”

If you want to shoot every kind of gun known to man don’t tell us that “we need to take guns away.”

And if you want to promote the virtues of gender equality, you simply cannot continue to protect serial sexual abusers.

Your “moral outrage” is a joke. No one takes it (or you) seriously. And how dare you lecture us on our conservative moral positions while you actively work to keep the secrets of pedophiles, rapists, sexual harassers, and abusive people using their position to demand sexual favors (or simply take what they want). You are morally bankrupt, and it’s time to pay up.

Listen, it’s really not us, it’s you. I think it would be better if we didn’t see each other anymore and went out separate ways.

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