SHOCK: Company Sells Baby Heads to Undercover Reporters

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Reuters ReportThe reality that aborted baby body parts are being sold is once again in the news.

A report out of Michigan is again turning our attention to the sale of aborted baby body parts. This reality has shocked, and should continue to shock our sense of moral right. This issue involves both the aspect of human dignity and the morality of profit.

A biotech firm called Restore Life USA has been discovered selling aborted baby body parts. In this grisly version of this practice that was first made known to the American public when Planned Parenthood revealed that they sold aborted baby body parts, Restore Life USA was caught selling severed baby heads.

The story was first reported by Reuters because it was Reuters that made the discovery as part of an undercover investigation. A recent article explains that Reuters investigative reporters arranged for the sale of baby heads and, after a few emails and payment, the deal was confirmed. The article states:

“There is no information on whether the babies died in miscarriages or were victims of abortions. But undercover agents on behalf of the Reuters news agency engaged in transactions to purchase the heads of those babies. As part of the news agency’s examination of the industry, for example, a Reuters reporter was able to purchase two human heads and a cervical spine from Restore Life USA, a broker based in [Rep. Marsha] Blackburn’s home state of Tennessee. The deals were struck after just a few emails, at a cost of $900 plus shipping.”

The story goes on to report that authorities were notified, the company’s warehouse was raided, and what was found in the warehouse is shocking.

During the raid, the bodies of four unborn children (second trimester) were found preserved in an unidentified fluid. It seems obvious that the intention of this company is to sell baby parts. What is not known, is whether these babies died in miscarriages or by abortion. It is easy to speculate, however, that this company is dealing aborted baby body parts in light of other companies (many associated with Planned Parenthood) that have been willing to sell baby parts.

That we even have to make such a statement is disturbing. It sounds like something out of a slasher movie too intense for a horror film buff; much less the average American. And yet, here we are again, discussing the sale of aborted baby body parts. The more I say it the more surreal it sounds. Are we really living in a country so morally bankrupt that people view this as a viable business?

There’s two truths that we need to understand about this incident (and every one like it):

1 – Selling aborted baby body parts is as immoral as it gets. This erases human dignity and reduces unborn children to a commodity to be bought and sold like so many goods. Why not open a futures market for aborted baby body parts and let everyone get in on the transactions? Why not? Because there is nothing more morally reprehensible as selling the body parts of a murder victim.

2 – This is not a viable business. There is many things that it’s acceptable to make money on in our culture. Some are silly (fidget spinners and modern pop music). Others are intriguing (blockchain and AI technology). But some things should never be considered a legitimate business; and the trafficking of aborted baby body parts is most certainly one of them.

I sincerely hope the people behind this “company” are found run out of business. If any laws have been broken I hope they are prosecuted for their crimes. And if they are yet another Planned Parenthood affiliate, I hope both they and Planned Parenthood are drug into the cultural spotlight and shamed once again. A few more incidents like this one and Planned Parenthood may also be run out of business. One can only hope.

It will also be interesting to see if the Reuters reporters are prosecuted for exposing this company via undercover video much the same way David Daleiden did with Planned Parenthood. If the Reuters reporters are not prosecuted, why not?

Ultimately this practice, this “business model” needs to end. This ranks up there with ponzi schemes and multi-level marketing. The immoral lack of respect for human dignity is appalling and should offend us.

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