Grown Man Abuses Young Girls – Claims to be “Trans-Age”

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joseph_romanFirst came people claiming to be transgender. Next were people claiming to be transracial. Now an accused child molester is claiming to be trans-age!

When reality is pushed aside in favor of the way people feel, the implications are vast. Some implications are immediately known and brought to light. In the case of people claiming to be transgender, an immediate implication is how a business will respond concerning use of their bathroom.

But not all implications can be predicted. Often it is these unknown variables that can throw everything into a tailspin.

After the celebration by our culture of people claiming to be transgender, came the revelation that some people are “trans-racial.” Much like a transgender person that claims they are really the opposite gender, a trans-racial person claims to actually be a different ethnicity.

For example, headlines not long ago shared the story of a white man that “self-identifies” as Filipino. Even though Adam is a white male, he now identifies as a Ja Du,a Filipino male. And who cold forget the story or Rachel Dolezal, a white woman that claimed she was African American. Dolezal even held a top leadership spot in the ACLU of Washington state; until the truth was revealed.

If you’re like me, you’ve watched with curiosity as our culture has celebrated people that deny reality in favor of their feelings. You’ve looked on with interest, trying to figure out how it’s possible for a rational, intelligent society to be excited about men that call themselves women and white people that claim they are black. All the while wondering what’s next; because something is always next.

What’s next is beyond disgusting. It’s insidious in every way.

What’s next is a full-grown man accused of abusing young girls. But this man claims he did nothing wrong because he is actually “a boy trapped in a man’s body.” He is actually claiming to be “trans-age.” A recent article reports:

“Joseph Roman, 38, faces felony sexual assault charges for allegedly making repeated attacks on three girls ages 6 to 8 years old over a period spanning from 2015 to January of this year, according to the Chicago Tribune. Roman was friends with the girls’ families at the time. During a hearing Wednesday, Roman reportedly admitted to some of the attacks, the report states. He also allegedly told police he is a ‘9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.’”

Reading this story my initial reaction was to ask “What are police and prosecutors going to do?” If they arrest him and charge him with a crime they will be “discriminating” against this “brave, courageous” man that is just “being honest with himself” in admitting he is actually a boy trapped in a man’s body. Right? After all, isn’t he just like all these other “brave, courageous” people living a transgender or trans-racial life?

Or, are we ready to admit that there are limits to which we are willing to stretch reality? Does there come a point when we say truth has to be based in reality? If ever there was a time to reach that breaking point, I would suggest it is now. Now is the time when we demand that reality, that this is a 38 year old man admitting to abusing young girls, be the sole information we rely upon in this situation. Now is the time we abandon any attempts at accommodation for this “alternative lifestyle” and soundly reject such claims.

If law enforcement and judicial officials allow this “excuse” for abuse to stand it will open a flood of sexual abuse of minors across our nation. Already there is clandestine efforts by some to advocate for pedophilia “rights.” Using the same rhetoric an talking points used by homosexuals decades ago, these groups are seeking to normalize pedophilia. The effort to normalize trans-whatever is only speeding up the process.

So now we have trans-gender, trans-racial, and trans-age people. People that want to deny reality, deny what is based in truth in favor of how they feel and what they really, really want to be true. The question remains, “on what grounds will our justice system stand to deny this man’s claim?” If we affirm that a man can justifiably live as a woman, despite all evidence to the contrary, what grounds do we have to deny that this man is indeed a boy trapped in a man’s body?

This is the slippery slope so many warned about when we started telling people their confusion was acceptable and that we would accommodate it. Now our political and legal system is in a bind. If they deny this man’s claim they will no doubt come under fire from rights groups for discrimination. If they accept his defense they can’t possibly prosecute him.

I suggest they accept his defense. Accept that he is a child in a man’s body. And in accepting his defense, revoke his driver’s license. Demand that he begin attending 4th grade in elementary school and proceed through school appropriately. Place him in foster care as he is not legally allowed to live on his own. Do not sell him alcohol. And, in general, require him to live as he has indicated: as a 9 year old boy. Perhaps this is the most appropriate way to deal with this man.

Or, another possible course of action is to treat him based on reality, as an adult that has committed terrible crimes and punish him accordingly. Just a thought.

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