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The Definition of Marriage is More Than A Defintion

Posted on January 10, 2014 in Family, Marriage by

The definition of marriage is not just an arbitrary conglomeration of words with no meaning. But that is exactly what those seeking to redefine marriage are trying to make it. Opponents of traditional marriage believe the definition is too narrow and exclusive, so they are seeking to broaden the definition in order to be more inclusive.

The problem is that by broadening the definition of marriage, these self-titled liberals and progressives would also erase any actual or perceived definition of marriage. Marriage is inherently the union of one man and one woman for one lifetime. For example, the Webster online dictionary defines marriage thus:

A Hurried Life is Hard on a Family

Posted on January 7, 2014 in Family by

There’s an old saying I’ve heard all my life which says, “If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” This sly strategy has effectively rendered the life of many Christians null and void. While inspiring authors like John Piper say “Don’t Waste your Life,” and visionary pastors like David Platt call us to be “Radical,” and respected leaders like Francis Chan push us toward a “Crazy Love” for God; Satan pushes us toward the breaking point with calendars so full they rival presidents and pop stars. Click here for 5 characteristics of a hurried life.

To say that we are “hurried” is perhaps a great understatement; hurried would be an improvement for most people today. Between strenuous workloads for mom and dad that produce less and cost more, school activities, community activities, sports, fund raisers, and the typical errands of life; we are far more than “hurried.”

And sadly, many people don’t see the hidden dangers of their hurried lives; or the consequences a hurried life has on children. Most notably is the negative effect on family a hurried life produces as each member of the family becomes a “ship in the night” passing by daily without more than a few minutes of interaction. In fact, one recent article I read says that in the very near future new homes won’t even include a dining room because they will be considered “unnecessary.” Yet we read in Deuteronomy 6:6-9 that one of the main times of teaching our kids occurs when we “sit down in our house” to eat. Click here to read about how to lead even when life gets busy.

The Top 10 Pro-Life Pro-Family Stories of 2013

Posted on January 5, 2014 in Family, Life by

LifeSiteNews has posted their top pro-life and pro-family articles from 2013. Check out the list and see how many of these stories you heard about over the year. If you are not getting your news from some alternative media sources besides the mainstream outlets, there is a good chance you are not aware of these and other critical stories.

These articles struck a chord with LifeSiteNews readers for their affront to pro-life or pro-family values. These values are shared by the vast majority of people not just in the U.S., but around the world. And yet they are being attacked vigorously by those who would seek to undermine them. Read these stories and share with others. Only by staying informed can be we hope to combat the onslaught of attacks from those who would like to destroy the values that made America great.

The top-10 pro-life and pro-family stories of 2013 that made you weep, shout, curse…and share

10) Why my support for abortion was based on love…and lies – Jan. 24, 2013

Jennifer Fulwiler’s account of her conversion to the pro-life position was shared over 40,000 times on Facebook.
When I was younger, I was always particularly shocked when I heard about societies where it was common to abandon or kill unwanted newborns. In college I once read a particularly graphic description of a family in ancient Greece “discarding” a newborn baby girl. I was shocked to the point of breathlessness. I was also horribly confused: How could normal people be okay with this, let alone participate in it? Nobody I knew would do that! Were people that different back then?!

I Don’t Want to Fall Into the Category of “Man Fail”

Posted on December 27, 2013 in Family by

Being a father in today’s world is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I’ve wore a number of hats including, worship leader, teacher, laborer, store clerk, writer, administrator, graphic designer, and musician. But being a husband and father as the Bible describes is by far one of the most challenging things I have ever undertaken.

I will confess that I don’t think I am a great father. I have happy, healthy kids that other people often compliment. My kids are smart and articulate – just ask their doctor. But despite the outward appearance I daily wrestle with my own feelings of inadequacy and guilt for what I perceive to be shortcomings.

There is plenty that I don’t know about being a father, but one thing I do know is that fathers are one of the most critical parts to a family. Now, this isn’t to diminish the importance and need for a Godly mother, but rather it’s to highlight the God-ordained role fathers were called to carry out in the life of their family.

Spotting Integrity Issues in Parents

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Do you have integrity? Wait, don’t answer that. Maybe we should let those who know us best answer the question. What would they say? Would they affirm us as a man or woman full of integrity or someone lacking basic ingredients of integrity?

For that matter, how would your kids answer the question? We would all be naïve to think our kids don’t know us the best. We think we hide our shortcomings and weaknesses from them, but honestly, we know they are smart enough to notice the issues that we struggle with the most.

I can’t think of a single parent that doesn’t want to raise kids full of integrity. Sure, we want them to be healthy, happy, talented, successful and well-liked. But to see our kids grow into men and women full of character and integrity is surely at the top of the list for any parent.

How Do You Respond When Your Spouse and Kids Annoy You?

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Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to honor a perfect stranger, or someone you hardly know, than it is the people you love the most? I find this to be not only true in my own life, but very perplexing. How is it so much easier to be patient, kind and understanding to people I don’t really know than it is to be all those things with my wife and kids?

Do I love the people at the gas station more than my own family? Do I prefer the company of the grocery store clerk over my kids? Are my co-workers more deserving of my best than my wife? I doubt we would answer any of these questions in the affirmative and yet, practically speaking, we live life as if we answered “yes” to them all.

I am reminded of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 13: 7 as he teaches on what love looks like in daily life. Paul, speaking of love, says that it:

Can We At Least Be Content and Thankful on Thanksgiving?

Posted on November 27, 2013 in Family by

The following is an article I came across and wanted to share. It is a commentary on the American consumer society and how we can’t even be content for a few hours on what is supposed to be a national day of thanks. Rather than spending time with our families being thankful, we are arranging shopping trips to buy more because we just can’t be content, not even for a few hours on Thanksgiving. Read it and be reminded of what a day of thanks is supposed to look like. And remember, if people weren’t willing to go out and shop, stores wouldn’t open at ridiculous times, like Thanksgiving.

Is nothing sacred? Stand up for real meaning of Thanksgiving, skip the shopping on Turkey Day
by T.J. McCormack
I was almost expecting it when the KMarts and Walmarts of the world announced their stores would be open this year on Thanksgiving night. Sigh. It seemed to reflect that good ol’ American over-the-top holiday consumerism which seems to creep up on us closer and closer to Labor Day every year.

Public Libraries Providing Access to Porn

Posted on November 22, 2013 in Family, Public Policy by

Imagine taking your kids to the public library. While some might think public libraries are obsolete in the age of the Internet, many people still go and libraries are a valuable asset to any neighborhood. Now suppose you’ve taken your kids to visit the library on a beautiful, sunny day to enjoy looking at books and other activities. You walk your kids through the library, hand in hand, discussing what kind of books they will look at when, to your horror, you see…

Someone on one of the library computers is looking at porn!

This is just not a scenario out of a parent’s worst nightmare; this is a real-life scenario taking place in libraries around the country. A recent case involves a library in Orland Park, Illinois, where residents are asking the library to install filters on public computers to block access to pornography. Some however are concerned that such filters violate free speech rights and insert more government into the lives of Americans.

The Day Polygamy and Polyamory Are Legalized

Posted on November 19, 2013 in Family, Marriage by

I’ve made this statement countless times and will continue to repeat it: If the government redefines marriage for homosexuals it will have to continue redefining marriage for other groups or be guilty of the same discrimination it now accuses traditional marriage supporters of.
Come to terms with the reality of its truth. The government cannot simply redefine marriage one time for homosexuals and then say, “There, now everyone’s happy.” Polygamists and polyamory advocates will be the first to stand up and say, “No, we’re not happy at all.” They will then begin an even greater push – because they are already pushing to some degree – for their relationships to be legally recognized.

Does Planned Parenthood Really Care About Women?

Posted on November 18, 2013 in Family, Sexuality by

Parents in Europe can breathe a little easier after a draft report seeking to establish abortion as a fundamental human right was rejected by the European Union.

A report on the incident states, “The resolution on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights was presented by Portuguese MEP Edite Estrela but her report is said to be the work of the International Planned Parenthood Federation in Brussels.”

The reason this is important is twofold. First, it seems our lawmakers of late envy Europe and want to refashion the United States in the image of Europe. They repeatedly cite cases, laws, and even culture as a reason for change here in the U.S. I suppose the government overreach, failing economy, and complete lack of moral compass doesn’t mean much to Washington; but it sure does to Americans. We left Europe for a reason.


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